Andrea Mielke Schroer

Winding Well: 5 Tips for Building Your Spindle's Cop

Andrea's helpful suggestions for winding-on a cop are based on her years of research and experience.

Woolen or Worsted Spinning: Where’s the Twist?

Next time you’re spinning, stop and take a look at your drafting method. Twist holds both woolen and worsted yarn together.

Cloud Prep? Peek Into the Carding Mill

The Winter 2019 Grassroots issue of Spin Off includes two articles on a less-common fiber preparation called cloud. This fluffy, no-rules prep can be created by hand or by a commercial carding mill.

Doing the Thing: The Process of Hand Carding

Handcarding: Some spinners dread it, some tolerate it. Andrea Mielke Schroer loves it—here's why.