Roving Reporter: Lambing Season Arrives!

During lambing season, I spend more time with my Border Leicesters than at any other time of the year.

Make Space for Spinning

Devin offers tips for making space for spinning to suit any living situation, from a single spindle and a few ounces of fiber in a basket to a room filled with tools, a wheel, and fiber.

A Lesson in Handspun Lace Repair

When repairing lace, you need to know how the lace pattern is knitted row by row.

Jefferson Farms: The Search for Wild Luxury

Paco-vicuña is an ideal fiber for handspinners. As Jane Levene explains, the crinkle, or tiny, unorganized crimp, helps to interlock the fibers, creating that loft so many of us love.

To Rest, or Not To Rest, Your Singles Before Plying

One handspinner’s experiment to answer the question.

The Joy of Spinning Florida Native Cotton

Florida native cotton’s staple length isn’t more than one inch, so it's a challenge to spin.

Local Bast: Adventures in Wild Retting

When it comes to bast fibers, extracting the usable fiber from the plant can take patience and practice.

Pouches, Pockets, and Drawstring Bags

Small handspun projects for you and your kids.

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The Chameleon Shawl

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I Ply with My Little Eye: Make Your Spinning Sing with Optical Ply Blending

Learn how optical blending relies on the eye to blend the colors.