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Making the Grade: The University of Wyoming’s Wool-Judging Team

When attending a fiber festival fleece-judging event, do you ever wonder what qualities wool judges look for in a fleece? We wanted to know, too! We asked the coach of a wool-judging team how fleeces are graded.

When it Comes to Dyeing Yarn, Mother (Nature) Knows Best

If you love hand-dyed yarn and fiber, you will love Dagmar Klos’ Natural Dyeing, now available in a streaming workshop format.

Try Spinning on a Scottish Spindle

Modern spinners are rediscovering the traditional Scottish spindle. It is as strong, practical, and dependable as the culture that created it.

Les Tricoteuses: A Bastille Day Yarn

On July 14, France celebrates Bastille Day (or as they call it “Quatorze Juillet”), the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789 that marked a turning point in the French Revolution—well, the first of their revolutions, anyway.

Tour de Fleece: Three Tips at the Starting Line

Preparing for the start of the Tour de Fleece, I’ve been standing at my bobbin winder, turning the crank as I empty spinning bobbins until my arm feels ready to give out.Unlike Spinzilla, which challenges you to spin a lot of yardage in an intense sprin

Spinning the (Gradient Yarn) Blues

It often takes extra work for a dyer to create a perfectly smooth gradient of handdyed top. Here are a few strategies for spinning gradient yarn.

Yarn Skills Handspinners Need to Know (besides spinning)

Most handspinners aren’t just handspinners. Being a spinner is certainly enough, but most of us either come to spinning from another craft or take up another craft to use all that handspun yarn.

5 Tips to Spin the Tour de Fleece Injury-Free

With the Tour de Fleece beginning tomorrow, July 7, and running all the way through July 29 (in conjunction with that other well-known event, the Tour de France), here are some words from the neutral zone about rider safety and avoiding injury.