How to Ply on the Fly

With this method of spinning and chain-plying in the same pass, you can ply your singles right on the spindle as you spin. Spin some singles, ply them, spin more, ply more—all without ever having to wind your singles off.

First Steps in Charkha Spinning

In India, the term charkha refers to spinning wheels large and small, and the term is now used more broadly to describe driven-spindle wheels from other regions as well.

A Practical Guide to Ginning Cotton by Hand

A handspinner who is passionate about spinning cotton shares two methods for ginning cotton by hand.

What No One Told Me About Bobbin Winders

Great spinners advised me to use a bobbin to rewind my bobbins before plying. There were a few things they forgot to mention.

Wool, Hair, and Kemp: What’s in a Fleece?

Known for her expertise in sheep breeds and fleece, Deborah Robson puts individual wool fibers under the microscope.

Discover a New Color Wheel: Color Blending for Spinners

Spinners love blending colors, but what happens when you use an inkjet printer for inspiration?

Drop-Spindle Spinning

Want to try spinning? Drop spindles are a great way to start!

Her Handspun Habit: Plying Yarn From Spindles (Part II)

Debbie Held is back to discuss the how-to portion of the plying process, or what to do after winding off.

Handspun Mittens from the Mitten State

I live in the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Winters are long here. Handspun mittens, therefore, are essential winter wear.