Your Finished Object: Overshot Pattern Sweater

Claudine started with the two raw fleeces and designed a machine-knitted sweater, adapting elements from traditional overshot-weaving patterns and handknitting motifs.

How to Wash Fleece and Leave the Grease

Learn how three baths and a spin keep your wool fiber full of life and vitality.

Unspun & Upcycled: Yarn Deconstruction 101

Heavenly shares her budget-friendly method for keeping your pocketbook happy and your wheel and spindles spinning.

Let Us Keep Knitting and Crocheting for the Bazar, Sisters!

Learn about an anti-suffragist argument that the suffragists were doomed to failure because they filled their idle moments with needlework.

Spinning Strong Wools

From Cotswold to Karakul, fleeces on the coarse end of the wool-grading scale tend to grow in bold curls or waves. This character allows us to spin a wide range of useful yarns.

What is Romanian Cord?

Crochet a quick and easy cord perfect for attaching to projects, such as Katrina King’s Crocheted Peddler’s Pack featured in Spin Off Fall 2020.

Christine Duchrow and Art Pattern Knitting

Little is known about knitting designer Christine Duchrow, but in all, she produced about 100 leaflets between 1920 and 1940.

Flash Your Stash: Spindles!

How do you store all of your spindles and tools? Jeannine Glaves found a system that allows her to keep all of her spindles and tools in one handy place.

I Am a Spinner: Ellen Hansen, Professor of Geography

Ellen Hansen's research and teaching interests are in cultural geography, specifically in gender and women’s lives in different cultures and various places, and she is a firm believer that everyone should make time for fiber every day.

How to Make Yarn Butterflies

Yarn butterflies are useful for knitting intarsia or tapestry weaving. To learn how, just follow Carol's step-by-step guide.