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40 Handspinning Tips About Fiber from 40 Years of Spin Off

Our opinionated list of favorite handspinning advice from authors over the last 4 decades—just don't ask them to agree.

Spin Off Editorial Staff 1 year, 7 months ago

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40 Spin Off Tips. Photo by George Boe.

Fiber & Fiber Preparation Tips

Mining handspinning tips from 145 back issues of Spin Off proved to be no small task! What’s the occasion? Spin Off just celebrated the big 4–0 with the Fall 2017 issue. Check out these nine nuggets of fiber wisdom. Read more...

Equipment & Handspun Fabric

Looking back at the abundance of handspinning tips published in the pages of Spin Off over the last 40 years, it became challenging to narrow it down, but we managed. Some tips made us giggle, others incited immediate nods of agreement and others . . . well, let’s just agree to disagree. Here’s what our contributors had to say about equipment and handspun fabric. Read more...

Yarn Structure

In 1977, who knew that we’d have 40 years’ worth of things to say about handspinning? Well, we’re not done yet! Paging through previous issues brought back many fond memories and a few exclamations of, “Wow, I don’t remember that!” So we just had to share some of the coolest handspinning tips. What’s a favorite topic of our contributors? Yarn structure. Read more...

Tips, Tricks & Opinionated Advice

We wrap up our top 40 handspinning tips from the pages of Spin Off with a “catch-all” category. Although memorable and thought-provoking, these pearls of wisdom defy any neat and tidy grouping. Here are the final 8 handspinning tips in no particular order. (Please, don’t ask us to rank them.) Enjoy! Read more...