Correction to the Godey’s-Inspired Sontag, Summer 2020

A correction for Denise Williams' Godey’s-Inspired Sontag in the Summer 2020 issue.

Correction to Crinkle Pin-Loom Cowl, Spin Off Spring 2016

Please see this correction for the Crinkle Pin-Loom Cowl pattern.

Correction for Annukka Socks page 89 Interweave Knit & Spin 2011

Please see the updated chart for the Annukka Socks—Cable Cuff pattern.

Errata for the Estonian Sheep Puppets--Summer 2006

In the Summer 2006 issue we inadvertently omitted part of the instructions for forming an ear in the Estonian Sheep Puppets project.

Corrections in the Winter 2009 Issue of Spin Off

Please see the corrections for the Oatmeal Cardigan pattern and "Down on the Farm" article from Spin Off Winter 2009.

Correction to Golden Hour Bag, Spin-Off Spring 2012

Please see the updated chart for the Golden Hour Bag pattern.

Corrections to Linen-Hemp Shirt: Cut on the Bias, Spin-Off Spring 2005

Please see this correction for Selma Miriam's Linen-Hemp Shirt.

Correction to the Eyelet Socks key, Fall 2012

Please see this correction to the chart for the Eyelet Socks pattern.

Correction to Reviews; Spin Off Fall 2014

Please see these updates to the review from Spin Off Fall 2014.