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Spin Off Call for Submissions Fall 2022: Reinventing the Wheel

Next fall, we will be celebrating spinning wheels new and old, big and small, folding castles and super slanties. Share your article and project proposals with Spin Off!

Amazing Guide to Spinning Flax: Linen Spun from Flax Fibers

Learn everything you need to know about spinning flax with this FREE expert guide that provides tips on using, harvesting, and preparing your flax fibers.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Summer 2022: Intentional Texture

Join us for a deep dive into creating, altering, and celebrating texture in our spinning. Share your article and project proposals with Spin Off!

Spin Off Call for Submissions Spring 2022: Color Quest

Join us for our annual color issue and help us hunt for hues. Share your article and project proposals with Spin Off as we go in search of new ways to explore color.

I Am a Spinner: Ginger Clark, Forensic DNA Analyst

I identify and compare the DNA from different pieces of evidence to determine whether they have come from the same animal.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Colorful Cowls

Glorious color adds endless design opportunities for the handspinner.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Textured Cowls

From tweedy yarns and energized singles to cables and knitted stitch patterns, a warm cowl keeps chilly weather at bay.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Multicraft Cowls

Join us in celebrating the diversity of crafts that spinalong members employed in making their handspun, handmade cowls.

I Am a Spinner: Alexandria Ware

I manage data centers for planetary spacecraft. This means that I coordinate the design, development, and operation of the computer systems that process and distribute science data from missions to other planets.