Spin Off Editorial Staff

Spin Off Call for Submissions Fall 2021: Accessorize Your Accessories

In the Spin Off Fall 2021 issue, we will explore the little tools that enhance our spinning practice. Tell us what accessories you can’t spin without!

I Am a Spinner: Ellen Hansen, Professor of Geography

Ellen Hansen's research and teaching interests are in cultural geography, specifically in gender and women’s lives in different cultures and various places, and she is a firm believer that everyone should make time for fiber every day.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Summer 2021: The Art & Science of Twist

We dedicate the Summer 2021 issue of Spin Off to one of the fundamental components of yarn: twist. Help us explore angle, balance, direction, and more!

The Tour de Fleece Carries On!

The wheels of professional cyclists may not be making their way around France this year, but the wheels (and spindles) of the Tour de Fleece press on.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Spring 2021: Chroma, Deliberate and Inadvertent Color

Immerse yourself in the vivid shades of the season. Spin Off Spring 2021, our annual color issue, examines the choices handspinners make when dyeing and blending yarn and fiber.

Pouches, Pockets, and Drawstring Bags

Small handspun projects for you and your kids.

I Am a Spinner: Erin Dillard, Pet Stylist

I get to play with all kinds of animals while also building close relationships with them and their families.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Winter 2021: The Elements of Structure

The Spin Off Winter 2021 issue, our annual fiber issue, explores the elements of structure. Whether in a lock, yarn, or garment, what does structure mean to you?