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Spin Off Fall 2020 Call for Submissions: Ancient Craft, New Tools 

Spin Off Fall 2020, our annual tool issue, investigates the abundance of spinning tools available in our community, old and new.

I Am a Spinner: Alexandria Ware

I manage data centers for planetary spacecraft. This means that I coordinate the design, development, and operation of the computer systems that process and distribute science data from missions to other planets.

The Great Aspinneration

Learn to spin with this great starter pack of resources!

Spin Off Abbreviations

Common knitting and crochet abbreviations.

Spin Off Index 2011–2018

Download the index for issues from Spring 2011 through Winter 2019

Drop Spindle Spinning

Want to start drop spindle spinning? Learn how to use a drop spindle and more.

Visible Mending: 7 Tricks to Know Before You Sew

Patch it, mend it, or darn it—visible mending is hot! Transforming a worn piece of clothing with vibrant stitch work offers a great way to show off your handspun yarn.

A Vintage Tatted Edging from Needlecraft Magazine

Enjoy a free tatted edging pattern from PieceWork’s Trimmings. This department offers a collection of patterns, charts, and instructions that have been gleaned from old magazines and books that are no longer generally available.

I Am a Spinner: Anne Hanson

You may know blogger and Creative Director of Bare Naked Wools Anne Hanson from her popular knitwear designs, but did you know that she’s a handspinner, too?

Sheep-shearing Duo: Blow by Blow

Spring brings sheep-shearing season to many parts of the United States, and skilled shearers are in high demand.