Spin Off Editorial Staff

SOAR 2022—Meet Some of our First-Time Instructors!

As the temperature begins to drop and the leaves change colors, spinners feel the call in the air to join together and learn new skills at the Spin Off Autumn Retreat!

Ideas for Using Your Handspun Cotton Yarn

So you’ve gotten the hang of spinning cotton on a charkha. Now what? Take some inspiration from a few of our favorite projects and explore easy dyeing ideas to create beautiful color!

What Is a Diz?

Learn about this particular little tool that can help create the perfect sliver.

A Spinning Charkha Made of Legos

Who knew that Lego fun can be had by adults, too?

The Great Spinning Wheel Round Up!

We’ve taken a little bit of the work out of the quest to find a perfect wheel.

4 Ways to Perfect Your Cotton Prep

Are you challenged by cotton spinning? Improving your fiber preparation can make all the difference.

Three Tips to Help You Find the Rhythm of Charkha Spinning

These lessons from Kate Larson’s new video are just the start of all the new skills you’ll build for spinning on a charkha.

Drop-Spindle Spinning

Want to try spinning? Drop spindles are a great way to start!

Plying Yarn: How to Ply Yarn the Simple Way

Learning to ply yarn is easier than you think with these step-by-step spinning instructions plus the best ways to store your yarn and more!