Spin Off Editorial Staff

I Am a Spinner: Ginger Clark, Forensic DNA Analyst

I identify and compare the DNA from different pieces of evidence to determine whether they have come from the same animal.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Colorful Cowls

Glorious color adds endless design opportunities for the handspinner.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Textured Cowls

From tweedy yarns and energized singles to cables and knitted stitch patterns, a warm cowl keeps chilly weather at bay.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Multicraft Cowls

Join us in celebrating the diversity of crafts that spinalong members employed in making their handspun, handmade cowls.

I Am a Spinner: Alexandria Ware

I manage data centers for planetary spacecraft. This means that I coordinate the design, development, and operation of the computer systems that process and distribute science data from missions to other planets.

I Am a Spinner: Miranda Mims, Archivist and Curator

This is an exciting career to be in, allowing me to actively engage in archiving and preserving our shared cultural heritage.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Winter 2022: Blends—Opposites Attract 

In the Winter 2022 issue, help us explore spectacular combinations: fiber blends, technique mixes, tool duos, and more!

Correction to the Godey’s-Inspired Sontag, Summer 2020

A correction for Denise Williams' Godey’s-Inspired Sontag in the Summer 2020 issue.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Fall 2021: Accessorize Your Accessories

In the Spin Off Fall 2021 issue, we will explore the little tools that enhance our spinning practice. Tell us what accessories you can’t spin without!

I Am a Spinner: Ellen Hansen, Professor of Geography

Ellen Hansen's research and teaching interests are in cultural geography, specifically in gender and women’s lives in different cultures and various places, and she is a firm believer that everyone should make time for fiber every day.