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A Vintage Tatted Edging from Needlecraft Magazine

Enjoy a free tatted edging pattern from PieceWork’s Trimmings. This department offers a collection of patterns, charts, and instructions that have been gleaned from old magazines and books that are no longer generally available.

I Am a Spinner: Anne Hanson

You may know blogger and Creative Director of Bare Naked Wools Anne Hanson from her popular knitwear designs, but did you know that she’s a handspinner, too?

Sheep-shearing Duo: Blow by Blow

Spring brings sheep-shearing season to many parts of the United States, and skilled shearers are in high demand.

Fun Fiber Facts for Everyone

We have answers to these questions and many other fun fiber facts for spinners, weavers, knitters, crocheters, and all fiber enthusiasts alike!

Spin Off Spring 2018: Letting Our Spinning Geek Flag Fly!

“Geek” used to be a bad thing. Not anymore. What does geekiness mean, anyway?

Your Yarns Spring 2018: Souvenir Fibers

Whether snagged on a summer vacation, a monthlong holiday abroad, or just a long weekend at the local fiber festival, fiber we buy on vacation holds a special place in our hearts and our fiber stashes. What tokens from your travels do we want to see most?

40 Handspinning Tips About Fiber from 40 Years of Spin Off

Our opinionated list of favorite handspinning advice from authors over the last 4 decades—just don't ask them to agree.

11 Yarn Structure Handspinning Tips from 40 Years of Spin Off

Since we are celebrating our birthday, we just had to share some of the coolest handspinning tips from the first 40 years of Spin Off magazine.

12 More Handspinning Tips from 40 Years of Spin Off

Looking back at the abundance of handspinning tips published in the pages of Spin Off over the last 40 years, it became challenging to narrow it down.