The Great Spinning Wheel Round Up!

We’ve taken a little bit of the work out of the quest to find a perfect wheel.

Spin Off Editorial Staff Aug 17, 2022 - 3 min read

The Great Spinning Wheel Round Up! Primary Image

On the search for a wheel? Check out our list! Photos by Matt Graves

Choosing a spinning wheel is an important decision. The perfect wheel will stay with you for years, supporting you through thick and thin (and maybe even those 5 pounds of Tencel your sister bought you). Picking a wheel is a big investment, and with all the spinning wheels on the market, how do you choose the one that’s right for you?

Many spinners will tell you there’s nothing better than physically sitting down and testing the wheel you’re thinking about buying. Giving a wheel a “test-spin” is very valuable if you can do so, but most buyers also consider many other factors when purchasing a wheel. Drive type, weight, speed—these are all important details to consider.

A few of the wheels owned by members of the Spin Off team. From left: Schacht Matchless, Louet Victoria, and Lendrum Folding Wheel

Each of us has a unique blend of ergonomic and technical needs when wheel shopping. But we hope to save you some time: we’ve wrangled specifications for many wheels, e-spinners, and charkhas in this handy comparative chart. We’ve also included a small sampling of custom wheel makers if you’re looking for something truly unique.

This roundup was initially put together a few years ago, but it remains a great reference. That means some of this information may be outdated, and we suggest double-checking with the manufacturer before buying. There are also wheel makers that are not yet included in this resource. We are excited to share that an even bigger, better, and updated spinning-wheel roundup is in the works! For now, we hope this guide can support you in the search for your next spinning wheel.

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Originally published September 1, 2018; updated August 17, 2022.