What’s On (or Off) Your Feet When You’re at the Spinning Wheel?

While you’re keeping your eyes on your drafting and your feet are treadling away at the spinning wheel, what’s on your feet?

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Ready for Texture? Try Garneting In This New Mini-Course

Learn how to spin luscious handspun textures using recycled bits of yarn, silk, and more!

Spin Off Submissions Summer 2025: Balance

Color balance, twist balance, spindle balance—spinners have balance on the brain. We want to hear your ideas!

Colorwork: Spin-Along 2024 Gallery

The 2024 spin-along prompted participants to incorporate colorwork in all its magnificent forms. See the resulting socks and mittens, sweaters and slippers—even a lovable sheep!

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Spinning Tips: What Are Roving, Top, and Sliver?

Learn about some of the most common types of fiber preparations available to the modern handspinner.

Gallery of Handspun Haps

A traditional Shetland hap pattern inspired these ambitious spinners to create beautiful versions of their own using treasured handspun.

Project Planning Toolkit: Why You Need a Yarn Balance

Calculating the yardage for a project needn’t be a challenge. Meet a handy tool every handspinner should have: the yarn balance.

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Wet-Finishes for Yarn: It All Comes Out in the Wash

Read the 2007 article that changed the way many spinners think about finishing their skeins.

Join Us for the Tour de Fleece!

Have you decided what to spin for Tour de Fleece? The Spin Off staff shares what we’re planning—won’t you spin along with us?

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Four Ways to Use Your Handspun Cotton

Tried your hand at spinning cotton, but not sure what to make? Check out this inspiring collection of swoon-worthy cotton projects to weave, knit, and crochet.

Wooly Twine in the Garden: You Can Spin it!

Four ways to use handspun twine in micro container gardens, full farmhouse gardens, or backyard orchards.

Long Thread Podcast: Jess Zafarris, Author & Etymologist

Season 9, Episode 8: As fiber crafters, we put textiles at the center of our lives. Is it any surprise to find fiber, cloth, and yarn at the center of our language?

The Tour de Fleece Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Even after many years, the goal of the Tour de Fleece remains the same: Challenge yourself. Spin. Have fun.

Your Finished Object: Bowls of Linen

From seed to yarn to woven cloth—see how this textile conservator in Sweden explores the boundaries of linen to create three-dimensional woven objects.

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