Spin Off

Flash Your Stash: Spindles!

How do you store all of your spindles and tools? Jeannine Glaves found a system that allows her to keep all of her spindles and tools in one handy place.

I Am a Spinner: Ellen Hansen, Professor of Geography

Ellen Hansen's research and teaching interests are in cultural geography, specifically in gender and women’s lives in different cultures and various places, and she is a firm believer that everyone should make time for fiber every day.

How to Make Yarn Butterflies

Yarn butterflies are useful for knitting intarsia or tapestry weaving. To learn how, just follow Carol's step-by-step guide.

How to Finish Handspun Yarn: Steaming

Emonieiesha shares three methods for finishing handspun yarn in a flash with steam and explains why steaming is a good choice for textured yarns.


Spin Off Call for Submissions Summer 2021: The Art & Science of Twist

We dedicate the Summer 2021 issue of Spin Off to one of the fundamental components of yarn: twist. Help us explore angle, balance, direction, and more!

Subscriber Exclusive

Durham Chevrons Cowl

The incised chevron columns at Durham Cathedral inspired Kate to design a textile that translated stone into fiber.

Long Thread Podcast Episode 7: Charllotte Kwon, Maiwa

Charllotte Kwon's company, Maiwa, partners with Indian artisans to expand the reach of traditional textiles. Along the way, the company has developed in-person learning, shopping, web resources, a fair-trade partnership, and more.

For the Record: How to Maintain Good Spinning Notes

If Vanessa could go back and give herself one piece of spinning advice, it would be this: Keeping good records is not a waste of time because you won’t remember everything about every skein of yarn that you’ve spun.

Low-Tech Equipment: Found Spinning Tools for Empty Afternoons

A spinner finds a way to indulge in his favorite craft with the help of a few unusual tools.

How to Label Your Fiber Stash

Imagine looking at your clearly labeled fiber storage, knowing you’ll find just what you’re looking for. With these tips and a few supplies, you can make that a reality!

Waste Not! No Fiber Left Behind

Spinners accumulate a lot of fiber—not stash, but bits of surplus fiber from processing. Here are Heavenly’s tool-free tips for turning your leftovers into textured yarn.

How Spinning from the Fold Unkinked My Wrists

When my old spinning habits gave me sore hands, I turned to a less-common technique and relaxed my grip.

The Weighty Matter of Turkish Spindles

An experienced spinner can make almost any spindle do the job, but for a new spinner, picking the wrong spindle can lead to discouragement. From top-whorl to Turkish, size matters.

Talking Handspinning Tools

Spinners know that having the right tool for the job is a must. Can you ever have too many wheels? No way! One handspinner shares their thoughts on their growing collection.