Fade to Black: Blending Shades Incrementally

A study in blending with black to create dimension in your fibers.

Uncoiling the Spiral of Gimp Yarns

Stefanie Johnson shares how plying two different diameters of singles affects the outcome.

Chalo Charkho Ramiye: A Contemporary Charkha Movement

Read about Avani Varia's book on the historical importance—and modern movement—of spinning on an Indian box charkha.

Handpainting Fiber

Exploring Food and Drink Dyes


Natural Dyes: Foraging for Local Color

What colors are near to hand?

Navajo-Churro Sheep and Shepherds: Meet the Rainbow Fiber Co-Op

Diné shepherds and ancestral flocks of Navajo-Churro sheep are weathering a pandemic and poor wool prices. You can help support a Diné-owned wool co-op organized to support flocks on the Navajo Nation.

Color Tools: Josef Albers and the Garter-Stitch Möbius

Spin Off contributor Ellen McKean explores color theory and how it applies to mixing colors for her handspun yarn.

Discover Accessories You'll Love: Spin Off Fall 2021

Explore our annual Fall tool issue, dedicated to the extra accessories that make spinning such a joy.

Ramie: Blending, Plying, and Natural Dyeing

A short history, plus tips for working with the queen of the bast fibers, ramie.

Rare-Breed Tweed

See how precious wool nepps are spun into a beautiful rare breed tweed yarn.

Long Draw Drafting for Woolen Yarn by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Carol Rhoades demonstrates the long-draw drafting technique to make a woolen yarn.

Long Thread Podcast: Kenya Miles

Season 3, Episode 4: In fields tucked in the alleyways of Baltimore, Maryland, Kenya Miles and her colleagues at Hidden Harvest tend a sort of secret garden, growing fruits, vegetables... and natural dye plants.

But what are you going to do with all those bands?

Do handmade textiles need to have a job?