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Four Ways to Use Your Handspun Cotton

Tried your hand at spinning cotton, but not sure what to make? Check out this inspiring collection of swoon-worthy cotton projects to weave, knit, and crochet.

Wooly Twine in the Garden: You Can Spin it!

Four ways to use handspun twine in micro container gardens, full farmhouse gardens, or backyard orchards.

Long Thread Podcast: Jess Zafarris, Author & Etymologist

Season 9, Episode 8: As fiber crafters, we put textiles at the center of our lives. Is it any surprise to find fiber, cloth, and yarn at the center of our language?

The Tour de Fleece Is Coming! Are You Ready?

Even after many years, the goal of the Tour de Fleece remains the same: Challenge yourself. Spin. Have fun.

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Your Finished Object: Bowls of Linen

From seed to yarn to woven cloth—see how this textile conservator in Sweden explores the boundaries of linen to create three-dimensional woven objects.

7 Ways to Use “Waste” Wool in Your Garden

If you purchase fleeces, you likely have some wool waste. Put it to use in garden beds and patio pots!

Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Every second weekend in July, artists and artisans from around the globe arrive in Santa Fe to take part in the International Folk Art Market.

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The Pleats and Ladders Cowl

A reversible cowl is a fine thing. Read how Katrina created a colorful gradient, and get the pattern, too!

4 Tweed Yarns to Spin

Kate shares four tweedy yarns to spin from two colorful textured fibers and offers some quick tweed takeaways.

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What Is the Oldest Knitting in the “New World?”

Historic knitting can challenge our spinning assumptions. Cotton for socks? A garter-stitch heel? Learn about the socks a community of sixteenth-century Peruvian knitters left behind—and more!

Spinning for the Woolgrowers Hat & Cowl

Island shepherd Sarah Pope designed this sweet hat and cowl for Farm & Fiber Knits. Read her tips on choosing fibers and spinning for these squishy knits—and get the patterns!

Handspun for Handknits: Spin Off Summer 2024

Meet the spinner behind our cover-girl skeins and find out what our upcoming issue has in store! See some of the oldest knitting in the Americas, weave some Norwegian bands, and explore twist direction in flax.

Combing Wool with Milk (yes, it’s a thing)

Among the things that make it easier to comb wool are starting with well-scoured locks and adding a lubricant. Find a recipe to make your own!

Your Finished Object: Colorful Helix Socks

See how one knitter spun random colors from various bits of leftover roving into colorful sock yarn, then used helical knitting for a fun striped pair of socks.

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