Roving Reporter: Cotton Spinning Angst? Try This Preparation Trick

My love affair with charkha spinning was starting to leave me frustrated and grumbling. Here’s how I regained my loving-kindness.

Ideas for Using Your Handspun Cotton Yarn

So you’ve gotten the hang of spinning cotton on a charkha. Now what? Take some inspiration from a few of our favorite projects and explore easy dyeing ideas to create beautiful color!

How to Make a Drop Spindle

Making a drop spindle is easier than you think and a good skill to have (even for spinners who own lots of spindles already).

What Is a Diz?

Learn about this particular little tool that can help create the perfect sliver.

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How to Name a Sheep: Meet Willa and Gus

In the spring, Spin Off readers were asked for name suggestions for these cute twins. Let’s take a peek in the barn to see how Willa and Gus are doing this fall, and—of course—how their fleeces are growing!

The Plying-Themed Issue that Opened My Eyes

Creative approaches to the simple act of plying boggled my mind. And I’ve been spinning a long, long time.

Mahatma Gandhi’s Charkha in Michigan

In 1941, a letter and a charkha traveled between Henry Ford and Mahatma Gandhi in the midst of the chaos of Pearl Harbor.

A Spinning Charkha Made of Legos

Who knew that Lego fun can be had by adults, too?

Engineering an Affordable Electric Spinning Wheel

In 2010, Maurice Ribble’s girlfriend wanted an electric spinning wheel but found the available options too expensive. So Maurice built one!

How to Wash Sweaters with Love (and Efficiency)

Are you afraid to wash handmade sweaters? Deb is here to share her best tips and her secret weapon: the washing machine.

Flock of Wheels: A Spinner’s Approach to Collecting and Dispersing

Love the one you’re with or let them go? Devin believes we should welcome new wheels into our flock and say good-bye when it’s time.

Tea and a Pound of Cotton

In these long, hot days of summer, I’ve carved out a morning ritual: spinning a bit of cotton while I drink my morning tea.

Wool Basics: What is Grease?

Have you ever stopped to wonder what is grease? Spinning terms can often lead to confusion, even for the seasoned handspinner.

Long Thread Podcast: Brooke Sinnes, Sincere Sheep

Season 5, Episode 3: What do algae blooms and homemade biodiesel have to do with running a yarn company? For an independent natural dyer, there may be no greater creative challenge than the local environment.

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