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The Fractal Stripe: One Method for Controlling the Striping of Painted Roving

Often, spinners are mystified about predicting what the colors of their fiber will do when spun. If you take the time to analyze how to prepare and spin the fiber, you can control the resulting yarn.

Notes on Spinning for the Heartwarming Mitts

Twined knitting makes a sturdy fabric that will last forever, especially if you use a fiber that has an outercoat for strength and undercoat for softness and warmth.

Growing Indigo in Indiana

I fell in love with indigo textiles while living in Japan, where this unique dye—the only colorfast natural blue dye—was used for centuries to color everything from humble diapers and undergarments to ornate bedding covers and ceremonial robes.

New Year, New Spin: Join Spin Off’s Mitt-Along

Raise your hand! Who wants to join us for a mitt-along in 2020?


Low-Whorl Love: Versatile and Productive Spindles

My preferred low-whorl spindle is the plainest possible—no hook or spiral at the tip to secure the yarn, no special or fancy wood, just a plain, workaday tool.

Supported Spindles: Pairing Fiber & Tool

These spindles vary in size and shape across the world, depending greatly on what type of fiber and yarn they were made to spin.

Dyeing with Buckthorn

After three summers of dyeing, researching, and experimenting with different parts of buckthorn shrubs, I was able to achieve a surprising range of colors on wool.

First Steps in Charkha Spinning

In India, the term charkha refers to spinning wheels large and small, and the term is now used more broadly to describe driven-spindle wheels from other regions as well.

Tulle & Tools for Blending Boards

Blending accessories include anything that helps you get the fiber onto the blending board and back off again.

BY: Amy Tyler

Drumcarder & Diz: Creating a Marled Roving

Using a diz allowed me to visually assess how the accent colors would swirl with the base color before I even got to the spinning wheel.

Simple Spindle Kate

Not only does this device work well, but it is easy and cheap to make. It can be easily adapted to the supplies at hand while you are traveling or fine-tuned for different spindles at home.

‘Tis the Season to Clear Your Workbasket

This “time between the years” was very special. Many German traditions were connected to this time of year: special breads, cakes, cookies, and meals; festive clothing; music and gatherings; charity work; and much more.

’Tis the Season: How to Spin Paper for Wrapping Packages

I’ve explored different papers over the years, some with more success than others. The length of the fibers in the paper, the thickness of the paper, and the intended purpose of the yarn all contribute to success . . . or . . . not so much.

Beacon Shawl

Megi Burcl’s Beacon Shawl is made in separate sections rather than using an intarsia technique.