Spin Off

Crafting During Times of Crisis

I have heard from many friends during the past few weeks, and each has turned to crafting in their own personal way.

Your Finished Object: Handspun Pinecliff Shawl

When I saw the Pinecliff Shawl pattern on Ravelry along with the call for pattern test knitters, I was immediately drawn to it. I also liked the pine cone and forest theme, and I thought about my plied skeins inspired by nature.

Cross-Lacing: Learn to Control Your Wheel’s Uptake

Cross-lacing can make your bobbin resemble a jewelry-heist scene in a movie, but trust me, it works! I promise, it’s as easy as lacing your sneakers.

Announcing the Long Thread Cares $50,000 Grant Program

We’re offering $50,000 in free digital advertising to small businesses that have been damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic. Keep reading to learn how to apply.


Video Workshop: Drumcarding Basics & Beyond

Learn to use a drumcarder for fiber preparation, color blending, texture, and more.

Video Workshop: Beginning Spinning on a Wheel

Get ready to start Beginning Spinning on a Wheel with Kate Larson. Basic plying techniques, how to draft your fibers, and much more!

Video Workshop: Getting Started on a Drop Spindle

In this course, discover the joy of spinning yarn with expert instructor Maggie Casey.


Spin Off 2020 Mitt-Along: Show Us Your Finished Mitts!

Close to 300 handspinners participated in this year’s Spin Off mitt-along. Here’s Debbie Held with the highlights.

Video Tip: Adding Silk on a Drumcarder

Long, shiny silk is a wonderful addition to a blended batt, but it can be terribly difficult to remove from the drum. Emily Wohlscheid shows you how.

And So It Begins

I kept thinking of all the unique, still-functional wheels out there that sit unused and unloved or, worse, are destined for the dump. I had to save one.

How I Got My Spinning Groove Back

The #spinoffmittalong was the opportunity I needed to reconnect my hands with making yarn.

How I Turn Children into Spinning Wheels

When we demonstrate handspinning, it’s not always feasible to let children try our wheels or spindles. So, how do we teach children about spinning?

Spinning Spirit

The dog hair doesn’t have the same sort of gripping scales on the shaft as wool, and it is slicker than cotton, so it was like learning to spin all over again!

Social Distancing for the Modern Spinner

Suddenly spinning solo? Make the most of your online community.

Subscriber Exclusive

Marigold Mitts

Grab a hook and some handspun and make these delightful mitts. Plus, get great tips to fine-tune your crochet gauge.

I Am a Spinner: Erin Dillard, Pet Stylist

I get to play with all kinds of animals while also building close relationships with them and their families.

How-To Paper Chase: Spinning Paper Yarns

How could I not have spun paper? It seems only natural to combine two of my grand passions to make beautiful and intriguing cloth.