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How to Pack for a Spinning Vacation: Three Approaches

Basic and beautiful, go big or go home, or high-tech bells and whistles? There's a place for all kinds of textile travelers... if there's a place in your luggage.

The Spinning Tool You Couldn't Live Without

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one fiber tool, what would it be?

Spin Off, Handwoven & PieceWork Come Home

Since beginning her independent craft publishing project in 1975, Linda Ligon saw the weaving, spinning, and needlework magazines move to bigger and bigger offices. But there’s no place like home.


Fleecy Explorations

Pick a fiber and dive deep! Here’s a quick peek at all the projects I’ve been making this year with Border Leicester wool.

Spin Off Abbreviations

Common knitting and crochet abbreviations.

Which End First? Spinning from the Lock

I took a class with Kate Larson last weekend, and the most surprising thing I learned had nothing to do with the class description: Kate spins wool from the cut end.

5 Reasons to Start Making Handmade Gifts in July

We've all heard of Christmas in July, but it really is the the perfect time to start planning and working on those handmade gifts.

What’s On (or Off) Your Feet When You’re at the Spinning Wheel?

While you’re keeping your eyes on your drafting and your feet are treadling away at the spinning wheel, what’s on your feet?

Choose Your Own Adventure: Wisconsin Spinning Retreats

Wisconsin is known as America’s Dairyland, but spinners far and wide know this Midwestern state for its many fiber festivals, camps, knit-ins, and spinning retreats.

Making the Grade: The University of Wyoming’s Wool-Judging Team

When attending a fiber festival fleece-judging event, do you ever wonder what qualities wool judges look for in a fleece? We wanted to know, too! We asked the coach of a wool-judging team how fleeces are graded.

When it Comes to Dyeing Yarn, Mother (Nature) Knows Best

If you love hand-dyed yarn and fiber, you will love Dagmar Klos’ Natural Dyeing, now available in a streaming workshop format.

Try Spinning on a Scottish Spindle

Modern spinners are rediscovering the traditional Scottish spindle. It is as strong, practical, and dependable as the culture that created it.