Knitting Traditions from Around the World: One Woman’s Quest

Irene Waggener’s global travels inspire her spinning and knitting classes—including at this year’s SOAR event—her patterns, and even a book!

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Acid Dyes: Step By Step with Mary Berry

Whether you are new to acid dyes or just curious to see another experienced dyer at work, Mary’s step-by-step instructions are a great way to peek into her Texas dyeing studio.

Depth of Shade: Spin Off Spring 2024

Our annual deep dive into color explores blending, plying, dyeing, and more.

Dyeing Resources for the Beginner Dyer

Are you interested in dyeing your handspun yarn or fiber but need some beginner resources to help you follow along? We’ve gathered a few of our favorite resources to help you get started.

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Color Your World!

I was very excited to learn that the theme of this year’s spin-along is colorwork. Take a look at my collection of handknits and you’ll see that colorwork is so obviously my true fiber love!

Spindle Spinning: Three Ways to Add a Leader

Learn three ways to add a leader to your top- and bottom-whorl spindles.

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Must-Make Colorwork Projects to Spin and Knit

Get ready for this year’s Spin-Along with this collection of brilliant colorwork projects to spin and knit!

Long Thread Podcast: Keisha Cameron, High Hog Farm

Season 8, Episode 9: Beginning with a plot of land, a fixer-upper, and a passion for preserving traditional knowledge, the Cameron family have built a homestead, a diversified farm, and the hub of a growing agrarian community.

3 Simple Tips to Achieve Balanced Yarn

Do twisted, curling handspun skeins make you break out in a cold sweat? Don’t fret! It may all come out in the wash.

Breaking Out of a Color Rut

Changing the order of the colors in a handpainted braid? Inconceivable! Or so I thought.

Devin Helmen and a Clever Wrist Distaff

Ready to build your drop-spindle skills? Devin’s all-new spindle video course has launched. See the trailer and get Rita Buchanan’s distaff pattern!

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Food and Drink Dyes Can Yield Complex Colors?

These Queen of Diamond socks are brilliant, not only in their deep, rich color but also in their conception and toe-up construction. See how the author dyed, spun, and knitted this stunning pair, plus get the pattern!

The 2024 Spin Off Spin-Along: Colorwork

Join your fellow spinners and fiber enthusiasts for a new Spin-Along that’s all about colorwork.

Found in Translation: Twiza in Morocco

Get a sneak peek behind the scenes as the author traveled the mountains of Morocco to interview the women of an artisan cooperative, and as an added bonus, watch an interview with the founder and see the women in action.

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