Exploring an Uncharted Shape: A Crescent Shawl Recipe

By popular demand, Martha shares her choose-your-own-adventure method for knitting her crescent shawl.

Llama Fiber: An Exploration in Spinning and Knitting

How does adding silky llama fibers to your blends affect the outcome of your yarn?

Color Transformation in Naturally Colored Cotton

How you treat your cotton can affect its color over time.

Spinning Fleece & Waulking the Waulk with Norman Kennedy

I find Norman Kennedy’s video workshop From Wool to Waulking: Spinning Fiber & Creating Cloth so refreshing.

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Long Thread Podcast: Nikyle Begay, Rainbow Fiber Co-op

Season 5, Episode 1: Navajo-Churro sheep have a centuries-old history and an even greater meaning to the Diné, but the commercial market set a low price for their wool. A group of shepherds have come together to find strength—and value—in solidarity.

Three Tips to Help You Find the Rhythm of Charkha Spinning

These lessons from Kate Larson’s new video are just the start of all the new skills you’ll build for spinning on a charkha.

Meet the Sheep: Shetland Sheep in New York

Such a colorful variety from one breed of sheep.

Spin Off Submissions Summer 2023: Mend, Renew & Make Do

From visible mending to rehabilitated cotton sliver to overdyed, now-harmonious palettes, we are celebrating the art of renewal. Share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

A $7 Spinning Wheel

When designing his spinning wheel, Scott Porter threw out anything he didn’t have to have.

Supported Spindles: Pairing Fiber and Tool Part 2

How do different fibers spin on various types of spindles?

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Two-Yarn Slippers

With a durable yarn on the outside and a soft one on the inside, these slippers are cozy enough to wear all winter and strong enough to make it to spring.

Knitting New Life into Vintage Patterns

Spring’s baby Angora bunnies inspire winter’s warm angora slippers.

3-Ply…or more

A few quick tips on multi-ply yarns

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