Berta’s Flax Brings Spinners Together

With a share of precious vintage flax, Devin has a kinship with spinners worldwide—and the chance to spin some extraordinary fiber.

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The Study in Pink Scarf

Make your own avocado-dyed, ikat-style scarf—no complex treadling or weaving patterns required. Based on traditional ikat resist-dyeing techniques, a modern, geometric design gets revealed in this soft and striking scarf.

Head to Head: Two E-spinners

Electric Eel wheels offer an affordable way to get your hands on an e-spinner. Made mostly of plastic, these wheels are lighter than many of their counterparts and easy to travel with. How does the purse-sized model stack up to a tabletop style?

Long Thread Podcast: Susan Druding

Season 2, Episode 10: What do you get when you give a Free-Speech Movement activist a spinning wheel? A lifelong teacher, a Bay Area institution, and a spark for fiber arts exploration.


Your Finished Object: Epic Jacket

A handspinner sets a goal to challenge herself, and the result is a stunning handspun, handwoven jacket, featuring cabled yarns.

Be Kind, Rewind: Bobbin Winder to the Rescue

Discover the benefits of adding a bobbin winder to your spinning practice.

Sister Proprietors: Provisions Kenya

Meet a two sisters on a mission is to find local craftspeople who share their passion for the natural fiber arts and reinvigorate this important trade.

The Art and Science of Twist: Spin Off Summer 2021

Explore one of the core elements of spinning—twist—in the Summer 2021 issue. Like many things in life, twist is more complicated than it seems.

Berta’s Flax Travels the World

One fiber artist found a woman’s treasured chest of flax strick and used its contents to connect spinners from around the globe.

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Alpaca Pleated Scarf

Harness the energy in high-twist yarns to create a collapse-fabric scarf.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Spring 2022: Color Quest

Join us for our annual color issue and help us hunt for hues. Share your article and project proposals with Spin Off as we go in search of new ways to explore color.

Your Finished Object: Lilly’s Blanket

This handspun, crochet blanket began when Danielle needed to make a small blanket for her first grandchild.

Virtual Field Trips at Red Rope Farm

Meet Tunis and Jacob sheep and more on a virtual field trip hosted by a New Jersey shepherd.

BY: Kim Day

The Joy of Spinning in Small Spaces

Madeline shares five tips for spinning and weaving in a tiny home.