No More Excuses: Cast On a Pair of Handspun Socks

I’ve made dozens of pairs of handknitted socks, and I live by the motto, “Always have a pair on the needles.” But I have a confession: I’ve never knit a pair of handspun socks.

Try Flax Retting 2 Ways: Persuading Flax to Release its Fiber

Wherein a spinner transforms a hot tub into a retting tank, breathtaking golden flax is created!

Deep Roots, Natural Fibers: Spin Off Winter 2024

Our Winter issue gets to the heart of handspinning, exploring how natural fibers connect global communities.

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Sensational Silk: A Must-Have Collection of Articles & Patterns

Silk has captivated us for millennia with its luster. Take a deep dive into silk with this special collection of silk-centric articles and projects across our publications.

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Tunisian Crochet: Spin a Cozy Case for Your Tablet or Laptop

Tunisian crochet is a bit like knitting with a crochet hook to create a woven fabric. Try pairing this easy technique with rare-breed wools!

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Small Change Scarf to Knit

As 2023 comes to a close, our wish is that you give yourself permission to play and time to use your handspun! As a thank you to our subscribers—and a nudge to use some precious leftovers or spin some fresh color—we have released a bonus knitting pattern.

Long Thread Podcast: Jane Cooper, The Lost Flock

Season 8, Episode 3: Following her love for knitting with wool and curiosity about heritage sheep, Jane Cooper and her husband left their suburban life to move to Orkney and steward a flock of one of the rarest breeds in Britain, the Boreray.

Thankful for Sheep

The holiday season gives us pause to consider all that we are grateful for.

Woolgathering on Dartmoor

A surprise discovery made during a hike in southwest England prompted this author to question: Would it even be possible to make something of this matted “mystery” wool?

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Carding for Color: How to Make Complex Color-Matching Blends

Spinners can create complex colors in different ways. As a dyer, Alanna can mix dye stocks to create specific hues, but here, she explores how to apply that same approach to handcarded color.

Your Finished Object: Scrappy Crochet Socks

This clever crocheter used leftovers from at least 13 different sock yarns and her grandmother’s antique steel crochet hook to create these fun, colorful socks.

The Accidental Ewe

Meet Sheepish, the little lamb who grew up believing she was a goat.

Your Finished Object: “Sheep to Shawl” Sontag

Learn about an inspirational sheep-to-shawl project that this dedicated spinner can now check off of her bucket list.

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