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Deconstructing Cashmere: A Plyer’s Affordable Treasure Trove

There are things I do to cashmere that would make the faint of heart keel over.

A Gallery of Embellished Wheels

From steampunk to delicate floral displays, spinners embellish and personalize their wheels, burning, painting, and stamping them.

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Handspun Lida Rose Socks

I like BFL for socks as I find it wears nicely, and the addition of the silk also adds some wearability as well as a nice sheen to the finished yarn

“Will you bring back SOAR?”

When Long Thread Media became the new owners of Spin Off, this was the second most frequent question we received (after “Will I get my magazine?”).


Video Workshop: Beginning Spinning on a Wheel

Get ready to start Beginning Spinning on a Wheel with Kate Larson. Basic plying techniques, how to draft your fibers, and much more!

Video Workshop: Getting Started on a Drop Spindle

In this course, discover the joy of spinning yarn with expert instructor Maggie Casey.

Video Workshop: The Spinning Teacher with Maggie Casey

In this free workshop, watch expert spinner Maggie Casey demonstrate the basics of spinning on a drop spindle. Whether you are brand new to spinning, or an experienced spinner looking to teach others, this video will instruct, entertain, and inspire.


Spin Off 2020 Mitt-along: 5 Knitting Tips for Your Mitts

If you’ve been wanting to turn some handspun into a suitable pair of handcoverings for your own mitts, I offer up these pointers gleaned from the group’s knitting experiences.

Curly Horse: An Exotic Fiber from the Equestrian World

Fiber from horses has been used in textile production for centuries, but generally only the long and coarse fibers from the mane and tail.

Plying for Balance

A balanced skein is one that hangs without showing any twist in the skein and without any kinks in the yarn making up the skein.

BY: Amy Tyler

Wool Be Great Together: Valentines for Spinners

Valentine’s Day (or season, since it’s been going on since December 26!) is the perfect time to show some love to your spinning friends.

Nothing Says Love Like Sheep’s Wool!

This Valentine’s Day (or any day) say you love someone with sheep’s wool!

Spin Off Call for Submissions Winter 2021: The Elements of Structure

The Spin Off Winter 2021 issue, our annual fiber issue, explores the elements of structure. Whether in a lock, yarn, or garment, what does structure mean to you?

Walt Turpening: The Art & Science of Your Best Seat

Former geophysicist, researcher, and technology developer Walt Turpening has developed basic measurements to help us sit comfortably at our wheels.

Straight Talk on Hemp: Legends and Truths About the Forbidden Fiber

February 4th is national Hemp Day, so we thought we'd share this article from 2015 by Stephenie Gaustad and the late Alden Amos in celebration of this bast fiber.

Dyeing Yarn Free eBook: Using Natural Dyeing Techniques

Learn a new spinning technique today for FREE! Get your copy of "Guide to Dyeing Yarn: Learn How to Dye Yarn Using Natural Dyeing Techniques" here!

Dyeing Wool: Temperature Effects of Water

In the Summer 2018 issue of Spin Off, Kimber Baldwin explained how the properties of water influence the dyeing process, and in the excerpt below, she tells us how water temperature plays a crucial role.