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Cabling Without a Cable Needle: The Towline Hat

Did you see our bonus project for Spin Off subscribers, the Towline Hat? Whether you are working on this cozy cabled hat or another project with knitted cables, you might find this tutorial for working cable stitches without a cable needle helpful.

Long Thread Podcast: Karen Selk

Season 4, Episode 1: Weaving her first skein of silk yarn was nothing like Karen Selk expected, but the fiber enchanted her enough to shape her craft, career, and the course of her life.

Producing a Luxury Cloth from Herdwick Sheep

Few spinners are eager to spin the coarse blend of wool, hair, and kemp that makes up Herdwick fleece. But what happens when that fleece is combined with sari silk?


Spin Off Call for Submissions Winter 2023: Memory

For spinners, “memory” can evoke images of crimpy wools, bouncy yarns, heirloom tools, and more. Tell us what it means to you and share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

Spinning Arts, Education, and Economy in India

Learn about the Chalo Charkho Ramiye program and the revival of handspinning in India

Twist Direction: S vs. Z Twist

Does twist in spinning really make a difference?

At Your Ease: Spinning Chairs, Posture, and Finding the Right Fit

Most spinners don’t give their chairs a second thought, but if you have developed new pains while spinning or your old aches and pains are getting worse, don’t blame your wheel first; it could be your chair or posture.

Solace Spinning 2: Plying a Sweet Scrap Yarn

During the long days of summer, Kate indulged in shorter, more frequent spinning breaks. Those little pockets of time left her feeling refreshed and created loads of singles! Now it’s time to ply for a scrappy sweater.

Spin Off Abbreviations

Common knitting and crochet abbreviations.

4 Things You Know If You Live with a Handspinner

We thought we’d give a shout-out to the brave and supportive souls who live with a handspinner.

Subscriber Exclusive

A Little Gift: The Towline Hat

The Spin Off editorial staff cooked up a special end-of-year surprise for our subscribers. We are grateful for your support!

5 Tips for Spinning with a Distaff

A nifty tool to manage your fiber