What is a bouclé yarn?

Sarah Anderson offers tips for spinning this textured yarn.

4 Reasons to Love Our (Free) Black Friday Features

What’s better than easy-to-come-by deals? Oh, yeah—free ones.

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Try a New Silk Prep: Kim McKenna’s Tussie Mussie

Struggling with silk slivers? Add this easy technique to your spinner’s toolbox.

What’s More Fun than Cooking at Thanksgiving?

Linda serves up a treat for your holiday weekend.

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Memory: Spin Off Winter 2023

Crimp, resilience and connection tie the threads of memory together through fiber.

How (and Why) to Wind Charkha Singles onto Storage Bobbins

Can you use book-style charkhas for big projects? Yes, you can. Learn how I store my cotton singles for plying with this short video.

Head to Head: Two E-spinners

Electric Eel wheels offer an affordable way to get your hands on an e-spinner. Made mostly of plastic, these wheels are lighter than many of their counterparts and easy to travel with. How does the purse-sized model stack up to a tabletop style?

Long Thread Podcast: Jeanne Carver, Shaniko Wool

Season 5, Episode 8: On the high desert rangelands of the Imperial Stock Ranch, Jeanne Carver's family is showing what sustainability really means: with careful stewardship, what's good for sheep can be excellent for the earth.

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Plying: Learn the Orenburg Way

Galina Khmeleva has spent years sharing and teaching Orenburg lace. Here is a peek at the plying process for the fine yarns that go into her creations.

Spinning Fiber from Hair Sheep: Adding Texture with Rare Breeds

Erika experiments with rare breeds whose fiber is not normally considered for yarn.

Why I Love My Handcards: Carding Wool Three Ways

I love and collect handcards the way that many of my friends collect spindles.

SOAR Project Gallery: Handspun and the Spinner’s Handshake

This is what happens when you put 80+ spinners together in a room and have them share their handmade projects.

Beginner Basics: Tips for Growing—and Pruning—Your Fiber Stash

Spinner Devin Helmen ruminates on how stashes come to exist, how they tend to grow on their own when our backs are turned, and how to decide when it’s time to pare down.

Local Bast: Adventures in Wild Retting

When it comes to bast fibers, extracting the usable fiber from the plant can take patience and practice.

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