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Skill Guide: Working with Silk Hankies

There's more than one way to spin a hankie! We've gathered some expert advice, tips, and projects to inspire your silk spinning.

Learning to Spin? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

There isn’t one right or wrong way to spin, but if you’re teaching a beginning spinner, here are a few things you might want to avoid.

Long Thread Podcast: Alissa Allen, Mycopigments

Season 9, Episode 3: The most surprising and beautiful sources of natural color may be the ones beneath your feet. Naturalist and forager Alissa Allen relishes the rainbows she can find in mushroom and lichen dyeing—and wants to teach you to find your own.

How I Wash Wool: A Practical Method

There are many ways to wash a fleece. Looking for a straightforward approach? Try Devin’s method.

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Spin Off Submissions Spring 2025: Colorways

Polychrome palettes are a spinner’s jam. Join us for a celebration of blending, plying, and playing with color in our Spring issue!

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A Natural Dye Roadmap: Adapting Fred Gerber’s Method for Modern Dyers

Gerber’s out-of-print resources are highly coveted by today’s natural dyers. Find some of his works in the Spin Off Library.

Cross-Lacing: Learn to Control Your Wheel’s Uptake

If you’re a fast treadler, learn how cross-lacing can help you slow down your uptake.

Long Thread Podcast: Sally Fox

Season 9, Episode 2: With curiosity about the potential for organic agriculture and perseverance in the face of formidable skeptics, the founder of Vreseis and Foxfibre continues to transform our understanding of cotton.

Spinning Cedar: Tlingit Weaver Lily Hope

Lily is an artist and educator passionate about sharing Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving near and far—including at this year’s SOAR.

Remembering Priscilla Gibson-Roberts

Revisit some of Priscilla's many Spin Off articles published across three decades.

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Yes, You Can “Break” Acid Dyes

Learn an easy way to get complex dye effects using just one acid-dye color!

The Most Surprising Natural Fiber You Can Spin Yourself

So who first thought of nettles as natural fiber?

Mixing It Up with Natural-Color Cottons

Read all about the author’s explorations into natural color cottons and the creation of a handwoven gamp from green, brown, and white slivers.

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