Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Colorful Cowls

Glorious color adds endless design opportunities for the handspinner.

Weaving with Tactile, Touchable Yarns

There are many reasons to love rigid-heddle looms, not the least of which is that they let you get up close and personal with the yarn.

Color from Weeds

With a newfound knowledge of weeds, Lynn explored dyeing wool with plants from her garden.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Textured Cowls

From tweedy yarns and energized singles to cables and knitted stitch patterns, a warm cowl keeps chilly weather at bay.


Exploring Natural Dyes: A Wealth of Color from Your Compost

Learn how kitchen scraps and yard waste yield a rainbow of hues.

Long Thread Podcast: Linda Cortright

Season 2, Episode 5: Follow this former goat farmer on her quest for cashmere at the top of the world and seal wool at its bottom.

Spin Off 2021 Cowl-Along Gallery: Multicraft Cowls

Join us in celebrating the diversity of crafts that spinalong members employed in making their handspun, handmade cowls.

Solving a Mystery: Dye Matching

Learn how a dyer’s notebook helps reveal the formula for a coveted colorway.

Teaching at Sätergläntan: A Spindle a Day

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many fiber classes were canceled in 2020, but not Josefin's spindle-spinning class at Sätergläntan in Sweden.

Natural Dyeing Safely at Home

Devin shares safety tips for dyeing at home.

Shepherd Dreams: What to Know About Starting a Handspinner’s Flock

Many handspinners dream of owning their own spinner's flock. Jennifer and Rich share a little about the realities, including hard work and rewards.

Navigating Online Fleece Sales: Tips for Buyers and Sellers

We asked three members of our fiber community to share their tips for approaching online fleece sales.

Roving Reporter: Cotton Spinning Angst? Try This Preparation Trick

My love affair with charkha spinning was starting to leave me frustrated and grumbling. Here's how I regained my loving-kindness.

My Life with Shetlands: For Sanity and Curiosity, Surely!

Shetland sheep have a champion in Martha Owen. Read why they’re a lively component of her spinner’s flock.