Roving Reporter: Spinning Equipment Travel Hacks—What Not To Pack

As a traveling spinning instructor, I spent much of my life thinking about packing spinner’s cargo. Packing for planes, trains, and automobiles can be different than packing for ferries, backpacks, and bicycles.

Russian Down Goats

Russian goat down has a unique heritage in humanity’s husbandry.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Summer 2022: Intentional Texture

Join us for a deep dive into creating, altering, and celebrating texture in our spinning. Share your article and project proposals with Spin Off!


Choosing the Whorl to Make the Yarn You Want

How to control twist per inch with ratios

Taking Notes

What notes are essential at the beginning of a spinning project?

How to Use a McMorran Balance by Amy Clarke Moore

If you have a yarn balance (also known as a McMorran balance), then all you need is a strand of the yarn you’re measuring to determine the yards per pound.

Tools of the Trade: What do I need to start spinning?

What is necessary, and what is just a nice to have?

Flick Carding by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

No matter what your purpose is for flick carding, the one phrase to keep in mind throughout the process is “light and easy.”

A Swatch for a Shepherd

Occasionally I let people know that I am interested in fleeces. What follows can be delightful for everyone.

Subscriber Exclusive

Pacing Pullovers: Small Sweaters for Hard Times

When spinning for a full-sized sweater isn’t an option, I’ve found it equally satisfying to work on a really small one, such as these sweet miniature sweaters.

5 Tips for Planning and Hosting a Spin-along

Organizing a spin-along is easier than you may think, and it can be a wonderful way to build your own fiber community.

Technically Speaking: Twists Per Inch

If we ever want to re-create our yarns or describe them to others, it’s important that we can record a yarn’s twist properties in a meaningful way.