Top Achievements and Releases of the Year from Spin Off

Now is a great time to reflect on this year's accomplishments and that is exactly what we have been doing this week.

Your Finished Object: The 2021 Spin Off Cowl-Along

Highlights from this year's group spin-along!

Busting your Fiber Stash

Learn one method for blending fibers while retaining pure colors and no mud.

Five Things You May Have Missed from Spin Off this Year

A quick look back at some of our favorites from 2021.

Lazy Kates: Beginner Basics

Learn how the orientation of your lazy kates can affect the outcome of plying your handspun yarn.

BY: Amy Tyler

On Becoming a Handspinner During the Pandemic

How crafters have immersed themselves in both new and familiar crafts during the pandemic.

My Three Favorite Lessons from Watching Judith Spin Silk

Build your spinning skills with Judith MacKenzie’s new video course on unusual silks.

A Lustrous Treasure: Silk in Mexico

Read about the fascinating history of silk arriving in the Americas.

Yes, Antique Spinning Wheels Do Talk

Learning the language spoken by older tools that have lasted for generations.

Blending for Beauty: Part 2

See what Devin made with the wool and silk blend they spun in Part 1 of the series.