My Life with Shetlands: For Sanity and Curiosity, Surely!

Shetland sheep have a champion in Martha Owen. Read why they’re a lively component of her spinner’s flock.

I Am a Spinner: Alexandria Ware

I manage data centers for planetary spacecraft. This means that I coordinate the design, development, and operation of the computer systems that process and distribute science data from missions to other planets.

Long Thread Podcast: Maggie Casey & Judy Steinkoenig

Season 2, Episode 3: Ever wonder what it’s really like to own a yarn store?

Tool Basics: Wraps Per Inch Tool

Learn why every handspinner needs a wraps per inch tool in their toolbox.

For Better Blending, Accessorize!

Push the limits of what your drumcarder can do. Learn how a few accessories can alter the carding process and finished look of your batt.

I Am a Spinner: Miranda Mims, Archivist and Curator

This is an exciting career to be in, allowing me to actively engage in archiving and preserving our shared cultural heritage.

Tips for Becoming a Spinning Mentor

Learn how one fiber artist uses a powerful tool: the gift of time. Get tips for sharing spinning knowledge and helping others grow.

Plying Balls: How I Ply on Spindles

Learn why plying balls and spindles make a perfect match for on-the-go plying.

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Godey’s-Inspired Sontag

A pattern originally published in Godey’s Lady’s Book in January 1860 inspired this cozy shawl from the Summer 2020 issue of Spin Off.

The Makers of Guatemala: In the Aftermath of the 2020 Hurricanes

Deborah has lived in Guatemala for more than 20 years, working with local weavers. But in November 2020, Guatemala was hit by two powerful hurricanes, and now she finds herself in the role of relief worker.