Long Thread Podcast: Heavenly Bresser

Season 2, Episode 8: What do you do when a new tool follows you home?

Kate Larson’s Tips for How to Spin Cabled Yarn

In the Spin Off Summer 2017 issue, Kate Larson shared her tips for spinning cabled yarns. Just follow these simple steps!

A Versatile and Inexpensive Fiber Tool: The Dog Comb

Learn how an ordinary dog comb helps with fiber prep, then add one to your spinner’s toolbox!

Spinning Basics: Minicombs

Minicombs are handheld tools with one or two rows of tines and are used for creating a worsted or semiworsted yarn.

The Other Fiber Animal

In honor of #HairballAwarenessDay, we spare a thought for the greatest fiber producers in the house: our pets.

I Am a Spinner: Ginger Clark, Forensic DNA Analyst

I identify and compare the DNA from different pieces of evidence to determine whether they have come from the same animal.

Long Thread Podcast: Deb Menz

Season 2, Episode 7: Taking the fear out of working with color

Spinning Basics: Yes, Whorl Size Matters

One spinner shares her real-world experience changing her whorl.

Spinning Daisies: Chinese Fireweed

Linda Ligon solves a 10-year-old mystery.

Subscriber Exclusive

Clasped-Weft Shawl

Warp your rigid-heddle loom and try the clasped-weft technique. It's an easy way to achieve an attractive tapestry-like pattern using a single shuttle and two weft colors.