Deborah Held

Spin Off 2020 Mitt-along: 5 Knitting Tips for Your Mitts

If you’ve been wanting to turn some handspun into a suitable pair of handcoverings for your own mitts, I offer up these pointers gleaned from the group’s knitting experiences.

Walt Turpening: The Art & Science of Your Best Seat

Former geophysicist, researcher, and technology developer Walt Turpening has developed basic measurements to help us sit comfortably at our wheels.

New Year, New Spin: Join Spin Off’s Mitt-Along

Raise your hand! Who wants to join us for a mitt-along in 2020?

5 Tips to Spin the Tour de Fleece Injury-Free

With the Tour de Fleece beginning tomorrow, July 7, and running all the way through July 29 (in conjunction with that other well-known event, the Tour de France), here are some words from the neutral zone about rider safety and avoiding injury.

Her Handspun Habit: How I Wind a Cop on My Supported Spindle

The cop on a supported spindle is the heart of the spin itself. Its weight and shape help to influence the speed and duration of a spin.

Her Handspun Habit: Did You Finish Your Handspun Hap?

Spin Off just wrapped up its annual spinalong/knitalong on Ravelry. This year, we focused on the Shetland-inspired handspun hap.

Her Handspun Habit: 3 Reasons to Choose Supported Spindles

Recently, when I decided to spin up a 50% yak/50% silk blend top, the decision was easy: I spun that baby using my favorite supported spindles.

Her Handspun Habit: What Is Your Handspun Yarn Telling You?

We all know that a skein of handspun yarn is made up of more than just fiber. Other elements count, too: the preparation, the color, the tools and how they’re used, and the ever-important mood of the handspinner.

Her Handspun Habit: A Handspun Yarn Quickie

Sit at the wheel, fiber in hand, with nary a plan, nor even a purpose, in mind, other than satisfying the itch for a bit of time spent making handspun yarn.