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Deborah Held

New Year, New Spin: Join Spin Off’s Mitt-Along

Raise your hand! Who wants to join us for a mitt-along in 2020?

5 Tips to Spin the Tour de Fleece Injury-Free

With the Tour de Fleece beginning tomorrow, July 7, and running all the way through July 29 (in conjunction with that other well-known event, the Tour de France), here are some words from the neutral zone about rider safety and avoiding injury.

Her Handspun Habit: How I Wind a Cop on My Supported Spindle

The cop on a supported spindle is the heart of the spin itself. Its weight and shape help to influence the speed and duration of a spin.

Her Handspun Habit: Did You Finish Your Handspun Hap?

Spin Off just wrapped up its annual spinalong/knitalong on Ravelry. This year, we focused on the Shetland-inspired handspun hap.

Her Handspun Habit: 3 Reasons to Choose Supported Spindles

Recently, when I decided to spin up a 50% yak/50% silk blend top, the decision was easy: I spun that baby using my favorite supported spindles.

Her Handspun Habit: What Is Your Handspun Yarn Telling You?

We all know that a skein of handspun yarn is made up of more than just fiber. Other elements count, too: the preparation, the color, the tools and how they’re used, and the ever-important mood of the handspinner.

Her Handspun Habit: A Handspun Yarn Quickie

Sit at the wheel, fiber in hand, with nary a plan, nor even a purpose, in mind, other than satisfying the itch for a bit of time spent making handspun yarn.

Her Handspun Habit: Fall in Love with the Handspindle!

For those who know its power, a handspindle can change the course of an entire day—or even someone’s life.

Her Handspun Habit: Drop-Spindle Plying for Larger Hanks

The misconception is that drop-spindle plying somehow limits the size of your resulting hank. In my opinion, it doesn’t—or at least no more so than the size of your bobbin limits the size of your skein when plying on a wheel.