Devin Helmen

Dyer’s Chamomile and Best-Laid Garden Plans

An update on how the summer treated Devin’s garden

Flock of Wheels: A Spinner’s Approach to Collecting and Dispersing

Love the one you’re with or let them go? Devin believes we should welcome new wheels into our flock and say good-bye when it’s time.

Charkha Love: How I Turned Frustration into Joy

Sometimes our tools need a tune up and extra care to run well.

Low-Whorl Love: Versatile and Productive Spindles

My preferred low-whorl spindle is the plainest possible—no hook or spiral at the tip to secure the yarn, no special or fancy wood, just a plain, workaday tool.

Planting Hope: Planning a Dye Garden

Eyeing an unused patch of the garden, Devin plots a colorful and color-yielding bed.

Blending for Beauty: Part 2

See what Devin made with the wool and silk blend they spun in Part 1 of the series.

Spinning Silk Is Not Scary

Devin Helmen encourages you to conquer your fear of spinning silk and shares tips for spinning silk hankies and top.

Blending for Beauty: Part 1

Carding a Wool-and-Silk Blend to Spin.

Warm Browns from Black Walnuts

An easy, mordant-free way to begin natural dyeing.

Shining Colors: Natural dyes on silk hankies and caps

A look at creating a rainbow of silk using natural dyes