Devin Helmen

Spin a Sturdy Sock Yarn

Devin found the perfect fleece for knitted socks that will withstand a lot of wear and tear.

VM Is Not the End: Save That Fleece with Handcards

Vegetable matter (VM)—the chaff, twigs, and burrs that can become embedded in our fleeces—is considered a flaw. But how much VM is too much? It’s a matter of opinion.

Spinning and Weaving with Hemp

As we approach National Hemp Day this February 4th, learn how to spin and weave this versatile fiber that has been used for clothing, textiles, sailcloth, and more throughout history.

Suffolk, Tunis, Dorset: A Spinner’s Ode to “Meat Sheep”

Looking for socks that don’t slouch and sweaters that hold their shape? Give these sheep breeds a second look.

Beginner Basics: Tips for Growing—and Pruning—Your Fiber Stash

Spinner Devin Helmen ruminates on how stashes come to exist, how they tend to grow on their own when our backs are turned, and how to decide when it’s time to pare down.

Dyer’s Chamomile and Best-Laid Garden Plans

An update on how the summer treated Devin’s garden

Flock of Wheels: A Spinner’s Approach to Collecting and Dispersing

Love the one you’re with or let them go? Devin believes we should welcome new wheels into our flock and say good-bye when it’s time.

Charkha Love: How I Turned Frustration into Joy

Sometimes our tools need a tune up and extra care to run well.

Low-Whorl Love: Versatile and Productive Spindles

My preferred low-whorl spindle is the plainest possible—no hook or spiral at the tip to secure the yarn, no special or fancy wood, just a plain, workaday tool.

Planting Hope: Planning a Dye Garden

Eyeing an unused patch of the garden, Devin plots a colorful and color-yielding bed.