Devin Helmen

Spinning Silk Is Not Scary

Devin Helmen encourages you to conquer your fear of spinning silk and shares tips for spinning silk hankies and top.

Talking Handspinning Tools

Spinners know that having the right tool for the job is a must. Can you ever have too many wheels? No way! One handspinner shares their thoughts on their growing collection.

Stash Dividends: The Creative Payoff of Collecting Fiber

I often hear people talking, half proudly and half guiltily, about their stashes of spinning fiber, but I celebrate my stash. To borrow a phrase from a global phenomenon, my stash sparks joy!

Make Space for Spinning

Devin offers tips for making space for spinning to suit any living situation, from a single spindle and a few ounces of fiber in a basket to a room filled with tools, a wheel, and fiber.

Sizing Handspun Singles for Weaving

Sizing your singles yarn will not make a weak yarn stronger, but it will prevent some of the fuzzing due to abrasion, which is inevitable in all yarns as they are being woven.

Low-Whorl Love: Versatile and Productive Spindles

My preferred low-whorl spindle is the plainest possible—no hook or spiral at the tip to secure the yarn, no special or fancy wood, just a plain, workaday tool.

Get Mobile! 5 Tips for Spinning Yarn While You Walk

In “On-the-Go Spinning” from the Spin Off Fall 2016 issue, Devin Helmen shares his tips for spinning yarn while you walk.

In Praise of Making Handspun Yarn by the Basketful

Devin Helmen sings the praises of making handspun yarn with a purpose—or what he jokingly refers to as “chore spinning.”

How to Knit Handspun Socks in Any Language

I love wearing handspun socks in the Minnesota winters. I have encountered many people who think that there is some magic to making sock yarn.