Kate Larson

Drop Spindle: Take Your Spinning with You This Season

If you’re on the go as summer turns to fall, your drop spindle can be the perfect companion.

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Spin and Knit a Half Hap with Us!

The Fall issue of Spin Off is here, and it’s time to create some new wooly warmth. Will you join us?

Carding Tools and Techniques: Spin Off Fall 2023

Join us as we celebrate all things carding—from handcards, drumcarders, and flick cards, to blending boards and more—to help you harness the power of fiber prep.

Can You Diz Off of a Handcard?

Fiber prep aficionado Kim McKenna says, “Yes, you can!” and she’s here to show you how.

Easy Peasy Natural Dyeing: Three Articles to Get You Started

Are you curious about natural dyeing but have yet to give it a try? We’d like to help you get started!

Solo for SOAR? Here are 3 Ways to Meet and Greet Spinner Style

Did you know that many spinners head to SOAR without a spinning buddy? You might arrive at SOAR without fiber fellows, but you’ll have some by the time you leave!

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Akha Spindles: What Is the “Right” Way to Spin?

Mid-whorl spindles commonly called Akha spindles can be used as supported spindles, suspended spindles, or a bit of both. Let’s take a closer look!

Spin Off Submissions Summer 2024: Handspun Handknit

We’re celebrating the wide world of knitting in this summer’s Spin Off!

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Pin-Loom Palettes: John Mullarkey on Handspun Color

Ready to try spinning for a pin-loom project? John Mullarkey has key tips for you!

Tour de Fleece: Get Ready for Your Ride

Spinning along with Tour de Fleece is great fun whether you take it very seriously or not so much! We have tips to get you ready for the tour however you choose to participate.