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Kate Larson

Spin Off Call for Submissions: Summer 2020

Write for the Long Thread issue!

The Spinning Tool You Couldn't Live Without

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one fiber tool, what would it be?

Fleecy Explorations

Pick a fiber and dive deep! Here’s a quick peek at all the projects I’ve been making this year with Border Leicester wool.

Spin Off Summer 2019: Follow Your Woolly Wanderlust!

When I connected with the Spin Off community in the early 2000s, I was amazed to meet so many like-minded fiber fellows. Spinners are often deeply curious about flora and fauna, traditions and cultures, creativity and technique.

(Half) Hitch in Your Drop Spindle Technique? Try Two Methods

Low-whorl drop spindles often have a simple, straight shaft without a hook to secure the yarn.

Try a Nøstepinne!

The word nostepinne comes from Scandanavia and is a short, carved stick for winding yarn.

Spin & Explore: How to Weave with Simple Looms

Learn how with the Handspun, Handwoven eBook.

Drop Spindle: Take Your Spinning With You This Summer

If you're on the go during the summer, your drop spindle can be the perfect companion.