Spin Off Submissions Winter 2025: Natural Fibers Made Modern

We’re celebrating natural fibers in this winter’s Spin Off!

Kate Larson Jan 19, 2024 - 4 min read

Spin Off Submissions Winter 2025: Natural Fibers Made Modern Primary Image

Carole Bowman's sample fabric with overdyed commercial yarn, sari silk, and Herdwick roving; photo courtesy of Carole Bowman

Wool and silk, knitting and weaving—we handspinners use traditional materials and skills, but the way we make use of them can be thoroughly modern. Like the image above (from Cath Snape’s article in Spin Off Winter 2022), we can explore fleeces from breeds such as Herdwick, which still retain “primitive” characteristics, mix in some colorful silks from India, and play with modern acid-dyes. There is a wonderful mashup of timelines represented in this photo! How do you explore new and old?

This year’s Winter issue is all about “Natural Fibers, Made Modern.” Sheep breeds such as Cheviot, American Tunis, and Southdown may all come from the same roots, but there are flocks with tall, modern sheep and flocks with traditional, smaller sheep—how do the fleeces compare? Today’s commercial combed tops are available in blends we couldn’t comb ourselves. What are your best tricks for spinning smooth singles with blends such as silk/yak?

Merino/baby camel in the Late Harvest colorway from Lisa Souza Dyeworks; photo by Kate Larson

Tools certainly change how spinners have prepared and spun natural fibers over time. The availability of handcards, covered with fine metal teeth, revolutionized how spinners prepared their natural fibers across Europe—when did that happen? Are you passionate about e-spinners? We’d love to hear your tips for managing fibers when transitioning from treadles to all-electric. Interested in flax but you don’t have a shed full of antique processing equipment? Give us your best hacks!

Spinning flax without a hackle? A craft-store floral frog can be used to rehackle long line flax before spinning to loosen the fibers. Photo by Matt Graves

Join us in the Winter issue of Spin Off as we celebrate the long history of natural fibers in generations of makers’ hands.


—Kate Larson, editor

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