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Kate Larson

Year in Review: Saxon Blue!

If 2017 was the year I fell in love with cotton, 2018 was the year I fell in love with indigo, saxon blue, and all things overdyeing.

Roving Reporter: Icelandic Wool and Turkish Spindles in Milwaukee

Traveling the country to fiber events is my favorite way to try to spinning tools, fall in love with new fibers, and meet other wool-obsessed folk.

National Craft Month: Spinning Freedom on a Deserted Island

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what spinning tool would you need?

Roving Reporter: Lambing Season Arrives!

During lambing season, I spend more time with my Border Leicesters than at any other time of the year.

Long-Draw Frustrations? Amy Tyler Is Here to Help!

Long-draw, short-draw, inchworm—there are many ways we describe how our fingers interact with fiber and twist. It takes time to understand woolen and worsted spinning, and once we’ve learned about spinning drafts, the knowledge still might not extend

Spin Off Magazine 2017: Kate’s Picks

I’ve always loved looking back through my copies of Spin Off Magazine. No matter how much time I spend with an issue, I can come back to it a year or more later and find something I missed.

Get Ready for Spring with the New Spin Off Magazine!

The new issue of Spin Off magazine is almost here. Spring 2019 brings fresh energy, new inspirations, and of course, lambs!

Roving Reporter: John Mullarkey’s Top 4 Tips for Card Weaving Handspun Bands

Spinning for weaving is a hot topic, and one of my favorite spinner/weavers is John Mullarkey. John is known for card weaving incredible silk bands, his clear and comfortable teaching, and good humor. I asked him to share a few spinning tips for those of

Copper Beeches: Spinning Wool for a Plush Cowl

For the Winter 2019 issue of Spin Off, Emily Straw and Joanna Johnson teamed up to bring us the Copper Beeches Cowl.