Kate Larson

Spin Off Submissions Fall 2024: Spindle and Spinner

Calling all spindle-lovers! Share your tips, techniques, and historical deep-dives with Spin Off.

Llanwenog Wool and the Madder Matter: Natural Dyeing

Kate shares her notes on spinning and dyeing Llanwenog wool.

Llanwenog Wool and the Madder Matter

Learn all about this medium-sized breed of sheep that originated in Wales.

Find Your Fiber Folk at Weave Together with Handwoven

Retreats let us step away from the world and be surrounded with fiber folk, immersed in learning, meeting, and making. Welcome, weavers!

Using Handspun for Card Weaving? These Pro Tips Make It a Breeze!

Spinning for weaving is a hot topic, and one of our favorite spinner/weavers is John Mullarkey, who’s known for card weaving incredible silk bands, his clear and comfortable teaching, and good humor. Here are John’s top tips for spinning for bands.

Drop Spindle: Take Your Spinning with You This Season

If you’re on the go as summer turns to fall, your drop spindle can be the perfect companion.

Subscriber Exclusive

Spin and Knit a Half Hap with Us!

The Fall issue of Spin Off is here, and it’s time to create some new wooly warmth. Will you join us?

Carding Tools and Techniques: Spin Off Fall 2023

Join us as we celebrate all things carding—from handcards, drumcarders, and flick cards, to blending boards and more—to help you harness the power of fiber prep.

Can You Diz Off of a Handcard?

Fiber prep aficionado Kim McKenna says, “Yes, you can!” and she’s here to show you how.

Easy Peasy Natural Dyeing: Three Articles to Get You Started

Are you curious about natural dyeing but have yet to give it a try? We’d like to help you get started!

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