Kate Larson

Churro, Downs, and Dyestuffs: Meet 4 SOAR Instructors Focused on Materials

These instructors make beautiful use of materials with histories that become integral to the finished textiles. Join these makers at SOAR 2023 to learn about their process from the ground up!

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Inspired by Speckles: Adding Easy Bursts of Color to Your Handspun

Hand-dyed speckle yarns inspired Joanna Johnson to try adding small streaks of color to her handspun. Learn two methods for adding these bursts of color with our step-by-step tutorial.

Color Scheme: Spin Off Spring 2023

Just in time for spring, Spin Off contributors share their experiences dyeing, blending, spinning, and more in pursuit of the perfect palette.

Dyeing Flammegarn: Saxon Blue for Socks with a Twist

Speckled hand-dyed yarns are all the rage, but our love for sprinkles and speckles of color isn't new. Kate fell head over handknitted heels for traditional Norwegian flammegarn and had to give it a try.

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Hot Topic: Can Technical Spinning Be Fun?

Energized yarns, squiggle surface textures, and more, Amy Tyler’s approach to creativity is both analytical and playful. Check out some of our favorite resources where Amy shows us how getting technical can be fun!

Spin Off Submissions Winter 2024: Deep Roots, Natural Fibers

Our Winter issue gets to the heart of handspinning, exploring how natural fibers connect global communities. Share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

Getting to Know Ewe: Columbia Sheep and Their Wool

Kate’s first fiber love: Columbia sheep.

There’s the Rub: Your Wheel Needs a Little Friction

Amy Tyler’s new Spinning Wheel Mechanics course explains the science of friction and the delicate balance of creating friction where we need it and reducing friction where we don’t.

New Course! Wheel Mechanics with Amy Tyler

Learn to work in harmony with your wheel in this new video course.

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Try a New Silk Prep: Kim McKenna’s Tussie Mussie

Struggling with silk slivers? Add this easy technique to your spinner’s toolbox.