Kate Larson

Spin Off Magazine 2017: Kate’s Picks

I’ve always loved looking back through my copies of Spin Off Magazine. No matter how much time I spend with an issue, I can come back to it a year or more later and find something I missed.

Get Ready for Spring with the New Spin Off Magazine!

The new issue of Spin Off magazine is almost here. Spring 2019 brings fresh energy, new inspirations, and of course, lambs!

Roving Reporter: John Mullarkey’s Top 4 Tips for Card Weaving Handspun Bands

Spinning for weaving is a hot topic, and one of my favorite spinner/weavers is John Mullarkey. John is known for card weaving incredible silk bands, his clear and comfortable teaching, and good humor. I asked him to share a few spinning tips for those of

Copper Beeches: Spinning Wool for a Plush Cowl

For the Winter 2019 issue of Spin Off, Emily Straw and Joanna Johnson teamed up to bring us the Copper Beeches Cowl.

Roving Reporter: Mending the Year: 3 Tips for Darning Well

Socks, scarves, jeans, sweaters . . . There is always mending to be done.

Judith MacKenzie: Fiber Inspiration and Delightful Detours

For me, The Intentional Spinner by Judith MacKenzie is one of those special books that is full of craft detours.

Roving Reporter: Carded Clouds Fiber Prep

Carded cloud—with colors swirling and fading into one another—is not a fiber prep I often see in my fiber travels. Well-prepared cloud, with clean fibers open and ready to welcome twist, can be hard to come by.

Handspun Holiday: From Our Flock to Yours

How do you get ready for the new year? The Spin Off crew have all been preparing to say goodbye to 2018 in their own way. Happy Handspun Holiday from our flocks to yours!

3 Simple Tips to Achieve Balanced Yarn

Do twisted, curling handspun skeins make you break out in a cold sweat? Don’t fret! It may all come out in the wash.