Kate Larson

Spin Off Submissions Summer 2023: Mend, Renew & Make Do

From visible mending to rehabilitated cotton sliver to overdyed, now-harmonious palettes, we are celebrating the art of renewal. Share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

Dive into Texture: Spin Off Summer 2022

Join us as we take a look at the intentional use of texture in spinning.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Spring 2023: Color Scheme

It’s time for our spring color issue once again! We want to hear all about your experiences dyeing, blending, spinning, and stitching in pursuit of the perfect palette. Share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

Diz and Blending Board! A Smooth Prep Tutorial

Have you ever dizzed fiber off a blending board? Check out Kim McKenna’s method for creating a smooth, blended prep.

Learn to Cross-Lace Your Flier—Judith Shows You How

Every spinner should know this trick! Learn how to cross-lace your flier to save your hands.

Celebrate the Quest for Color: Spin Off Spring 2022

Spring and our new issue delight with a fresh take on color!

Snarled Marls? Judith Will Smooth Your Path with This Quick Tip

Spinning marled yarns can be tricky. Judith MacKenzie will show you how to keep your drafting in tip-top shape in her new silk spinning course.

Cabling Without a Cable Needle: The Towline Hat

Did you see our bonus project for Spin Off subscribers, the Towline Hat? Whether you are working on this cozy cabled hat or another project with knitted cables, you might find this tutorial for working cable stitches without a cable needle helpful.

Spin Off Call for Submissions Winter 2023: Memory

For spinners, “memory” can evoke images of crimpy wools, bouncy yarns, heirloom tools, and more. Tell us what it means to you and share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

Solace Spinning 2: Plying a Sweet Scrap Yarn

During the long days of summer, Kate indulged in shorter, more frequent spinning breaks. Those little pockets of time left her feeling refreshed and created loads of singles! Now it’s time to ply for a scrappy sweater.