Kate’s Simple and Beautiful Shawl to Knit

Topic Handspun Projects
Fiber Cotton
Project Category Knitting
Project Type Scarves/Shawls
Level Beginner Basics
Author Kate Larson
Format Project/Pattern

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Kate loves knitting with her handspun for so many reasons. Using our own yarns gives us all those warm and fuzzy feelings, but the process of using our yarns also gives us vital information about what does and does not work well, and how we will adjust as we move forward.

Many spinners find that learning to spin cotton takes a lot of practice. Sage advice that Stephenie Gaustad passes along in her book on cotton puts it best: “Bette Hochberg once told me that the best teacher for spinning cotton was a pound of it.” Kate's goal with this simple shawl recipe is to see how that pound of imperfect practice yarns can be put to good use!

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