Kate Larson

Spin Off Submissions Spring 2025: Colorways

Polychrome palettes are a spinner’s jam. Join us for a celebration of blending, plying, and playing with color in our Spring issue!

Spinning Cedar: Tlingit Weaver Lily Hope

Lily is an artist and educator passionate about sharing Chilkat and Ravenstail weaving near and far—including at this year’s SOAR.

Finnish Woven Waves: Hannele Köngäs Explores High-Twist Yarns

Find out how Finnish weaver Hannele Köngäs combines Finnish wool, traditional textile inspiration, and the power of twist to create three-dimensional cloth that dances and moves and is as light as it is drapey.

Depth of Shade: Spin Off Spring 2024

Our annual deep dive into color explores blending, plying, dyeing, and more.

3 Simple Tips to Achieve Balanced Yarn

Do twisted, curling handspun skeins make you break out in a cold sweat? Don’t fret! It may all come out in the wash.

Devin Helmen and a Clever Wrist Distaff

Ready to build your drop-spindle skills? Devin’s all-new spindle video course has launched. See the trailer and get Rita Buchanan’s distaff pattern!

Spin Off Submissions Winter 2025: Natural Fibers Made Modern

We’re celebrating natural fibers in this winter’s Spin Off!

What is Shaniko Wool? A Spinner’s Taste Test

American wool grown in the West and processed in the East: Let’s give two combed tops a spin.

Deep Roots, Natural Fibers: Spin Off Winter 2024

Our Winter issue gets to the heart of handspinning, exploring how natural fibers connect global communities.

Spin Off Submissions Fall 2024: Spindle and Spinner

Calling all spindle-lovers! Share your tips, techniques, and historical deep-dives with Spin Off.

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