Kate Larson

Mend, Renew, and Make Do: Spin Off Summer 2023

From restored tools to visible mending to spinning for mental health, see some of the ways that spinners work to repair and improve the world around us.

Knotted or Sewn Drive Bands: Which Is Better?

Learn how to tie different types of knots and sew a drive band for your spinning wheel with this short tutorial.

Visible Mending with a Darning Loom

Spin Off’s “Mend, Renew & Make Do” issue is here, and we’ve created a tutorial for getting started using a darning loom with spinners in mind!

Trouble Spinning Across the (Combed) Top? Heavenly Bresser Has Top Tips For You

We often know about spinning across the top but seeing it done well can make it easier to put it into practice.

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Tutorial: Handspun Buttons for Handspun Sweaters

While I love spinning and knitting cardigans that incorporate beautiful buttons, I used to struggle to find the right ones. Then I learned to make my own buttons—and you can, too!

Spin Off Submissions Spring 2024: Depth of Shade

We’re getting ready for our annual deep dive into color: blending, plying, dyeing, and more. Share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

Backstrap Rigid Heddle Basics: Get Weaving Handspun Bands

Get started weaving with small rigid heddles! Spin Off editor Kate Larson will show you how to warp and weave a handspun band in this tutorial. You’ll be weaving sweet bands, ribbons, and ties in no time.

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3 Reasons to Spin and Weave Your Own Bands (and an eBook to Help You Do It!)

Why spin with bandweaving in mind? Kate Larson explains 3 reasons why you should give it a try. Plus, we’ve put together a collection of favorite bandweaving articles and projects to help you get started!

Roving Reporter: Natural Dye for Handspun Speckles

For this natural dye project, Kate reveals how she added subtle speckles to her knitted socks by using a resist-dyeing technique on her handspun skein.

What Do You Love about Your E-Spinner?

While happily drifting among the many booths at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, Kate tried two different e-spinner models.