Five Fanciful Favorites from Silk

A roundup of favorite articles and projects using silk. Number five may surprise you!

Spin Off Winter 2022: The Blends Issue

Join us as we explore fiber combinations that bring out the best in each other.

Tablet Weaving with Handspun Silk Hankies

The pros and cons of tablet weaving using handspun silk hankies.

Taking it Easy: Spinning Silk with Sara Lamb

If you're intimidated just thinking about spinning silk, let spinning teacher Sara Lamb ease your fears!

Who Are Your Fiber Friends?

When making my list of what I give thanks for, there's a special place for the people who share my fiber journey. Happy Friendsgiving!

Pin Loom to the Rescue!

One spinner's solution for using small amounts of precious handspun fiber.

Spinning Silk Is Not Scary

Devin Helmen encourages you to conquer your fear of spinning silk and shares tips for spinning silk hankies and top.

How to Wash Sweaters with Love (and Efficiency)

Are you afraid to wash handmade sweaters? We understand and are here to help. These tips to care for those treasured projects will change your life.

Blending for Beauty: Part 1

Carding a Wool-and-Silk Blend to Spin.

The Secret to Spinning Silk

Learn how to get the most from this luxurious fiber.

BY: Sara Lamb