Choosing Fiber—Where to Start?

Whether you're a new handspinner or a seasoned fiber enthusiast looking to break a breed rut, plan your spinning for the coming year and try some of these delightful fibers.

A Room of My Own

Early on the afternoon of April 4, 2008, after spending two hours working in a windowless room on campus, Marcy left a building to walk across campus to my office. She had entered in the sunshine, but now the sky looked ominous.

Spinning Basics: How to Spin Top

Teacher Maggie Casey guides you step-by-step through a few basic ways to spin top.

Send a Virtual Hug in 2021 and Join a Cowl-along

We invite you to join the Spin Off 2021 Cowl-along and send someone special a warm hug via a handspun, handmade cowl!

Underplying Is Not a Mistake

Underplied yarn is often achieved by beginning spinners because they ply stale singles and then look for balance in the ply when twist is dormant in the singles. But sometimes, underplying is desirable.

Spindle + Bowl: Finding the Perfect Pair

Find the right spindle and bowl combination for your spinning practice. Heavenly offers her tips for selecting a bowl that’s just right for your spindle.

On a Roll with Pseudorolags

You don't need a blending board to make colorful rolags. Make pseudorolags with these helpful tips!

Tool Basics: Why You Need a Twist-Angle Tool

The information you learn from a twist-angle tool can help you achieve more consistent yarns.

Singles Warp? Yes, You Can!

Linda Ligon addresses some old wives’ tales that have been making the rounds since she started spinning and weaving.

Subscriber Exclusive

Seawall Scarf

This woolly winter warmer from the Fall 2011 issue features the styling of a classic seaman's scarf, including reversible cables along the edges with a moss-stitch seawall in the center of the front panels.