Odd Handspinning Terms: Carding & Combing Edition

We’re back with another batch of odd handspinning terms—some you’ll know and others may surprise you! Let’s explore carding and combing wool.

Spindles Grow on Trees

A craftsman of fine spindles looks at a forest of trees or a wood pile in much the same way that a spinner views sheep in a field.

Solo for SOAR? Here are 3 Ways to Meet and Greet Spinner Style

Did you know that many spinners head to SOAR without a spinning buddy? You might arrive at SOAR without fiber fellows, but you’ll have some by the time you leave!

Garneted Tweeds: Reusing Thrums for Eco-Friendly Palettes

Learn about garneting—the process of turning yarn back into fiber—using your thrums and leftover yarns.

Overdye and Natural-Colored Fibers

Spinners love working with dyed combed tops, most of which start out a shade of white or ecru. For richer, more complex colors, some artists like to overdye, or add dye over another color.

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Akha Spindles: What Is the “Right” Way to Spin?

Mid-whorl spindles commonly called Akha spindles can be used as supported spindles, suspended spindles, or a bit of both. Let’s take a closer look!

5 Tips to Keep Spinning Cool This Summer

Find ways to adapt your craft as the summer heats up.

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We’re celebrating the wide world of knitting in this summer’s Spin Off!

Portable Spinning Wheels: 4 Tips for Traveling with Your Wheel

One of the joys of handspinning is that you can take it with you. Spindles pack up easily, but sometimes you need something more substantial. You want a spinning wheel.

5 Reasons to Start Making Handmade Gifts in July

We’ve all heard of Christmas in July, but it really is the the perfect time to start planning and working on those handmade gifts.