Spinning the Unusual: Chinchilla, Cactus Cotton, and Spanish Moss

Handspinner Jeannine Glaves, never one to shy away from trying a new fiber, recounts her experience with three uncommon fibers.

Spin Off Fall 2020: The Ancient Craft, New Tools Issue

Feed your creativity with handspinning tools both old and new in the Fall 2020 issue of Spin Off.

A Perfect Finish: Thwacking and Snapping Handspun Yarn

Have you ever stopped to think about why you finish your handspun yarn by thwacking it against a surface or snapping it between your hands? Emonieiesha shares her tips for finishing a skein.

Diz Tips: The Finer Points of Wool Combing

In the Fall 2020 issue of Spin Off, passionate wool comber Kim McKenna makes a case for often omitted steps when combing, such as oiling, planking, and two passes through a diz.

The Great Fleece Makeover

Not all shepherds raise a handspinner’s flock, but Emonieiesha doesn’t let that deter her from purchasing their fleeces. In the Winter 2020 issue, she shared how time and patience can usually turn what looks like a hopeless fleece into handspun goodness.

5 Tips for Using Handspun Yarn on a Knitting Machine

Handspinner Claudine Celebuski creates stunning handspun, machine-knitted garments. She shares her tips and tricks for working with handspun yarn on a knitting machine.

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Clematis Lace

A small amount of finely spun cotton knits up into a classic lace doily. Learn why sizing the yarn before or after knitting can help combat wear and tear.

Your Finished Object: Overshot Pattern Sweater

Claudine started with the two raw fleeces and designed a machine-knitted sweater, adapting elements from traditional overshot-weaving patterns and handknitting motifs.

How to Wash Fleece and Leave the Grease

Learn how three baths and a spin keep your wool fiber full of life and vitality.

Unspun & Upcycled: Yarn Deconstruction 101

Heavenly shares her budget-friendly method for keeping your pocketbook happy and your wheel and spindles spinning.