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A Spinner’s Take on Pantone’s Color of the Year: Viva Magenta

Experiment with natural or acid dyes to re-create this vibrant hue by dyeing your own version.

Spin Off Submissions Winter 2024: Deep Roots, Natural Fibers

Our Winter issue gets to the heart of handspinning, exploring how natural fibers connect global communities. Share your article and project ideas with Spin Off!

Getting to Know Ewe: Columbia Sheep and Their Wool

Kate’s first fiber love: Columbia sheep.

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Are you ready for the 2023 Spin Off spin-along?

Love lace like we do? We’re here to help you gear up for this year’s event by gathering a collection of lace projects for you to spin and knit!

Artist Spotlight: Lynda Teller Pete

This well-known fifth-generation Navajo weaver serves as an ambassador for her culture and traditions, carrying her family’s textile heritage forward.

How-To Paper Chase: Spinning Paper Yarns

How could I not have spun paper? It seems only natural to combine two of my grand passions to make beautiful and intriguing cloth.

There’s the Rub: Your Wheel Needs a Little Friction

Amy Tyler’s new Spinning Wheel Mechanics course explains the science of friction and the delicate balance of creating friction where we need it and reducing friction where we don’t.

Spin Off’s Top 10 Posts of the Year for 2022

Of all the posts we added to the Spin Off website last year, these were your favorites.

Seven Things to Love about Handspun Cowls

Find out why cowls make a great handspun project, and download our new eBook, 7 Cowls to Spin, Make & Give from Spin Off, to find a pattern perfect for your yarn. 

4 Restored and Antique Spinning Wheels

Spinner and teacher Heavenly Bresser talks about her fondness for some of her favorite antique wheels that she has restored from her collection of over forty!