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Spin Off Winter 2020: Into the Wild

The heady question that flows through this annual natural fiber issue is, “What is wild?” In our spinner-centric world, does “wild” always mean fiber gleaned from nature?

The Grass Beneath a Sheep’s Fleece

In the Winter 2019 issue of Spin Off, editor Kate Larson explored the literal ground beneath a sheep’s fleece (um, feet).

Blending Tool Roundup: Shopping Guide

While speed is relative in the world of fiber prep, blending boards and drumcarders will do their jobs more quickly than handcards or combs.

Editor's Letter: Spin Off Fall 2019

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one fiber tool, what would it be?

Unboxing the Electric Eel Nano

An electric spinning wheel that fits in the palm of your hand and starts at $80? I couldn't resist trying it for myself.

How Many Treadles Does a Spinner Need?

Do you like a single treadle, double treadle, or no treadles at all? The answer might depend on what you like to spin.

Your Finished Object: Combo-Spin Cardigan

Lisa Fliss said her favorite part of this project was seeing the colors combine, both during spinning and knitting.

Sara Lamb: Honest Cloth

Sara Lamb is a textile teacher and mentor who has been fundamental to Devin Helmen's success in weaving and spinning for weaving.

BY: Sara Lamb

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Project: Rainbow Fish Infinity Scarf

Inspired by a popular children’s book, Stefanie set out to create her own shimmering, colorful cowl using one of her favorite spinning tools—a recently acquired drumcarder.

The Spinner’s Guide to Black Friday

The big-box store is not the place to be on Black Friday. Here are five things you should do instead of shop on Black Friday.