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Simple Spindle Kate

Not only does this device work well, but it is easy and cheap to make. It can be easily adapted to the supplies at hand while you are traveling or fine-tuned for different spindles at home.

‘Tis the Season to Clear Your Workbasket

This “time between the years” was very special. Many German traditions were connected to this time of year: special breads, cakes, cookies, and meals; festive clothing; music and gatherings; charity work; and much more.

’Tis the Season: How to Spin Paper for Wrapping Packages

I’ve explored different papers over the years, some with more success than others. The length of the fibers in the paper, the thickness of the paper, and the intended purpose of the yarn all contribute to success . . . or . . . not so much.

Beacon Shawl

Megi Burcl’s Beacon Shawl is made in separate sections rather than using an intarsia technique.

It’s the Season for a Mitt-along!

Please join us! You have nothing to lose but your frostbite.

Twist Analysis Twined Knitting

Twist direction can be used to highlight or strengthen a special technique. As spinners, we can create a wide spectrum of qualities just by making changes in twist.

A Time-Tested Fiber Management Tool: The Modern Handheld Distaff

Imagine a tool that allows a drop spindle spinner to keep her arm in a comfortable, vertical position, with her hand mostly relaxed.

Book Reviews from Spin Off Fall 2019

Discover new books on sheep shearing, natural dyes, and textile photography.

At Your Ease: Spinning Chairs, Posture, and Finding the Right Fit

Most spinners don’t give their chairs a second thought, but if you have developed new pains while spinning or your old aches and pains are getting worse, don’t blame your wheel first; it could be your chair or posture.