Uncoiling the Spiral of Gimp Yarns

Stefanie Johnson shares how plying two different diameters of singles affects the outcome.

Chalo Charkho Ramiye: A Contemporary Charkha Movement

Read about Avani Varia's book on the historical importance—and modern movement—of spinning on an Indian box charkha.

Handpainting Fiber

Exploring Food and Drink Dyes

Natural Dyes: Foraging for Local Color

What colors are near to hand?

Navajo-Churro Sheep and Shepherds: Meet the Rainbow Fiber Co-Op

Diné shepherds and ancestral flocks of Navajo-Churro sheep are weathering a pandemic and poor wool prices. You can help support a Diné-owned wool co-op organized to support flocks on the Navajo Nation.

Color Tools: Josef Albers and the Garter-Stitch Möbius

Spin Off contributor Ellen McKean explores color theory and how it applies to mixing colors for her handspun yarn.

Discover Accessories You'll Love: Spin Off Fall 2021

Explore our annual Fall tool issue, dedicated to the extra accessories that make spinning such a joy.

Ramie: Blending, Plying, and Natural Dyeing

A short history, plus tips for working with the queen of the bast fibers, ramie.

Rare-Breed Tweed

See how precious wool nepps are spun into a beautiful rare breed tweed yarn.