Plying Yarn: How to Ply Yarn the Simple Way

Learning to ply yarn is easier than you think with these step-by-step spinning instructions plus the best ways to store your yarn and more!

Wraps Per Inch

Learn why a wraps per inch tool can be useful for handspinners.

Abundant Earth Fiber: Sustaining Small-Batch Wool

Between fiber artists craving an authentic grassroots connection and the small farms who produce heirloom-quality fiber, a small-batch mill provides the link that keeps local wool vital.

Washing Wool: Alpaca Edition

When buying an alpaca fleece, you might wonder how washing wool from an alpaca is different from washing sheep’s fleece.

5 Tips for Spinning with a Distaff

A nifty tool to manage your fiber

A Shepherd’s Year: Tunis Sheep in All Seasons

Raising rare-breed sheep is a year-round occupation, but spring is the season for two special events: lambing and shearing.

Visible Mending: 7 Tricks to Know Before You Sew

Patch it, mend it, or darn it—visible mending is hot! Transforming a worn piece of clothing with vibrant stitchwork offers a great way to show off your handspun yarn.

Handcarding Tips and Tricks

Are you desiring light and fluffy fiber to spin? Using handcards might be the solution.

A Spinner Walks into a Yarn Shop

On a recent trip home to Provo, Utah, Meghan headed to the local yarn shop and found that handspinning was springing up all over.

Learning How to Spin Yarn: Spindle vs Wheel

Some spinning teachers insist that you must start with a drop spindle; others pull out a chair and invite you to sit at a spinning wheel. Which is best?