But Weight, It’s Your Handspun! How to Block Yarn

Have you been following Emonieiesha’s experiments in finishing? Learn when and how to add weight to your freshly washed handspun yarn.

Your Finished Object: Squarely Rests

A mix of naturally dyed fibers inspired this colorful, handspun sweater.

American Bison: Modern Fiber from a Native Species

The Miskin family is dedicated to spreading the word about the resurgence of the American bison. Learn how this rugged animal’s deliciously soft down fiber is gathered and processed.

Spinning Silk Is Not Scary

Devin Helmen encourages you to conquer your fear of spinning silk and shares tips for spinning silk hankies and top.

Wild Core Spinning: Tips from a Texture Lover

Tempted by art yarns but don't know where to start? Ashley walks you through several core-spinning tutorials that focus on controlling texture, allowing you to create a range of yarns from smooth to wild.

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Luxury Laces

In the Winter 2020 issue of Spin Off, John Mullarkey shared the his handspun, handwoven laces with our readers. Luxurious, indeed!

Drive-Band Basics for Antique Wheels

Whether your wheel is vintage or new, the drive band eventually needs replacing. This week, Heavenly shares her tips for replacing bands on antique wheels.

A Gift After Loss

A bag of carefully spun, carefully sorted, meticulously labeled yarn with woven samples was a gift, a grace that reminded Anne of the value of teachers and of the beauty of handcraft.

Add It Up: How to Price Your Handspun Yarns for Sale

Knowing the exact costs that go into making a skein of handspun yarn is the key to selling it at a fair price.

Monarchs, Milkweed, and You

Milkweed plants not only support threatened monarch butterfly populations, they produce several types of spinnable fiber! Learn how milkweed floss has been used in the past and methods for blending it to create your own pro-butterfly blends.