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Spin and Knit a Half Hap with Us!

The Fall issue of Spin Off is here, and it’s time to create some new wooly warmth. Will you join us?

Carding Tools and Techniques: Spin Off Fall 2023

Join us as we celebrate all things carding—from handcards, drumcarders, and flick cards, to blending boards and more—to help you harness the power of fiber prep.

Angora Myths and Facts

Certain fibers are known as notoriously tricky; angora is on that list. What first comes to mind when you think of angora? Smooth, slick, flyaway? Won’t stay together? Short? Are you afraid to try it because of what you’ve heard from others?

Can You Diz Off of a Handcard?

Fiber prep aficionado Kim McKenna says, “Yes, you can!” and she’s here to show you how.

A Spinner’s Tussie Mussie: Preparing Eri Silk Sliver

Learn how to manage fine, slippery eri silk for more control during spinning, and you’ll enjoy the resulting handspun with a lovely soft hand, excellent drape, and exquisite luster.

Can I Import Wool? Deb Robson Explains

For the curious reader, here are detailed notes, tables, and a bibliography on the processes involved in importing wool.

Easy Peasy Natural Dyeing: Three Articles to Get You Started

Are you curious about natural dyeing but have yet to give it a try? We’d like to help you get started!

Can You Spin Yarn with This?

After learning to spin, cotton balls in medicine bottles, dust bunnies behind the couch, and even your husband’s beard may all look like potential yarn.

Long Thread Podcast: Susan Druding (classic)

Season 7, Episode 6: What do you get when you give a Free-Speech Movement activist a spinning wheel? A lifelong teacher, a Bay Area institution, and a spark for fiber arts exploration.

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Hows and Whys of Handspun Socks (plus an eBook full of patterns!)

What is the best sock yarn? Oh my, do spinners have opinions. Up your sock game with our new eBook collection.