Boro for Handspinners: How to Make the Most of Precious Handspun Yarn

How one handspinner takes inspiration from a Japanese textile tradition and uses every precious bit of leftover yarn from her knitting projects to craft beautiful woven projects.

The Tour de Fleece Carries On!

The wheels of professional cyclists may not be making their way around France this year, but the wheels (and spindles) of the Tour de Fleece press on.

A Wine-Cork Orifice Hook

I like to recycle or upcycle found items, including wine corks perhaps left from a special occasion with friends or family.

Her Handspun Habit: A Spinster Gets a Cat

A dyed-in-the-wool dog lover bonds with a cat.

Seeing Green: Palo Verde and Sea Green Cotton Sliver

At first glance, these slivers from Sally Fox appear to be rather more yellow, almost a manila color. However, color in the sliver is deceptive.

A Sea Island Cotton Tale

Spinning Sea Island cotton is literally touching the past.

Creative Solutions for Troublesome Antique Wheels

Heavenly Bresser offers her fixes for common problems when spinning on antique spinning wheels.

Meet a Resident Artist at John C. Campbell Folk School: Martha Owen

Meet a musician, storyteller, teacher, and fiber artist.

Connecting Kids and Cotton

In Double Oak Farm's Grow It, Wear It program, the kids are engaged in every step of the process.

Stash Dividends: The Creative Payoff of Collecting Fiber

I often hear people talking, half proudly and half guiltily, about their stashes of spinning fiber, but I celebrate my stash. To borrow a phrase from a global phenomenon, my stash sparks joy!