Do You Spin Worsted, Woolen, or Something Between?

The difference between worsted and woolen yarns depends on how the fibers are prepared, the drafting technique used, and how twist is allowed to enter the fibers. However, most of us spin something between those two types of yarn. So what do you call that?

Spinning Wheel Basics: Know Your Drive Band

Whether your wheel is vintage or new, the drive band eventually needs replacing. Find tips for replacing bands on antique wheels, and learn how to determine which material to use.

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Hot Topic: Can Technical Spinning Be Fun?

Energized yarns, squiggle surface textures, and more, Amy Tyler’s approach to creativity is both analytical and playful. Check out some of our favorite resources where Amy shows us how getting technical can be fun!

5 Tips for Sharing the Fiber Love on Valentine’s Day (Or Any Day)

No need to wait for a holiday—spread the joy of spinning and making all year long!

Decoding the Mystery of the Rolag, the Puni, and the Rolag-Puni

What do you call the little rolls of fiber that you pull off handcards, a blending board, or even a drumcarder? Not any word you’ll find in a typical dictionary.

A New Spin-Along: From Delicate to Bold, Hand-Worked Lace is for Everyone

Join us for this year’s spin-along! Challenge yourself to create lace you love—fragile and fine, bold and bulky, or anything in between.

Plying for Balance

A balanced skein is one that hangs without showing any twist in the skein and without any kinks in the yarn making up the skein.

Meet the Corriedale: Geof Ruppert on Classic Style

If you are looking for a dual-purpose sheep with fun, easy-to-spin wool, look no further.

Spinning and Weaving with Hemp

As we approach National Hemp Day this February 4th, learn how to spin and weave this versatile fiber that has been used for clothing, textiles, sailcloth, and more throughout history.

Kick Up Your Heels! An Introduction to Kick Spindles

A spinning wheel without treadles? How does this work?