A Short Spin on Natural Dyeing

A view of healing through craft.

Spinning Paper Thread in Ghana

A look at turning an invasive plant into a viable resource.

BY: Mary Hark

Long Thread Podcast: Deborah Robson

Season 3, Episode 6: With a passion for rare-breed wool and its unsung qualities, Deborah Robson is a walking, spinning encyclopedia of delightful fiber knowledge.

How to Deconstruct a Braid

Take control of your fiber’s colors! Deconstructing braids gives handspinners the option to make certain colors more dominant, change the order of the hues, make new shades, or even tone down certain colors.

My Favorite Spinning Tool: The Computer

Fiber artist Alanna Wilcox shares tips for organization.

Amazing Guide to Spinning Flax: Linen Spun from Flax Fibers

Learn everything you need to know about spinning flax with this FREE expert guide that provides tips on using, harvesting, and preparing your flax fibers.

Kate Larson’s Carding Wool FAQ

I found the carding methods that are best for my body, the fibers I use, and the variety of yarns I want to spin.

Emptying the Bucket: A Handspun Crochet Challenge

Down with the bucket list as Mary-Lyn Tebby conquers a self-made challenge.

Ancud Dolls Travel the World

The Chilean legacy of wool, and a doll who travels the world.

Fade to Black: Blending Shades Incrementally

A study in blending with black to create dimension in your fibers.