Carmel Crafts Guild: Celebrating 75 Years with Fun in the Sun!

Founded in 1948, Carmel Crafts Guild is one of the oldest fiber-arts guilds in the United States. The guild's goals have remained the same through the years: to share their love of fiber with the public and—most important of all—to have fun creating!

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Meet Galina Khmeleva, an Inspired Spinner and Knitter

Meet Galina and watch as she spins exquisitely fine yarn for her Orenburg lace shawls. Then, knit your own with two bonus patterns.

Tool Roundup: Focus on Flickers

Learn how to use a flicker to transform what may be a less-than-perfect fleece into fiber that’s perfect for spinning with this roundup of resources.

Laverne Waddington: Handspun Yarn and Backstrap Weaving

An extensive traveler, weaver and teacher Laverne Waddington is also a researcher and student of backstrap weaving. Learn how she got started, and about the important connection between handspun and her weaving.

The Shop Window Spinner

Long before she was a knitwear design luminary, Kristin Nicholas showed off her spinning skills in a holiday window display.

Shepherd, Artist, Knitter: Kristin Nicholas on Small-Scale Sheep Farming

For her master’s degree in textiles and clothing, Kristin wrote a thesis that was near and dear to her heart.

Peek Behind the Curtain: A Little Photo Shoot Magic

Ever wonder how we get some of the amazing shots you see in the pages of Spin Off?

What do Yarn Numbers Mean? Measuring Knitting Yarn

Whether you’re measuring handspun or millspun, learn about some of the most common classifications for measuring knitting yarn.

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Spin and Knit a Half Hap with Us!

The Fall issue of Spin Off is here, and it’s time to create some new wooly warmth. Will you join us?

Carding Tools and Techniques: Spin Off Fall 2023

Join us as we celebrate all things carding—from handcards, drumcarders, and flick cards, to blending boards and more—to help you harness the power of fiber prep.