Your Finished Object: Colorful Helix Socks

See how one knitter spun random colors from various bits of leftover roving into colorful sock yarn, then used helical knitting for a fun striped pair of socks.

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Spinning in Color for Pin-Loom Weaving, Plus 2 Great Patterns!

How do different yarn structures impact your pin-loom squares? See Madeline’s inspiring samples and get weaving this summer.

Following Fiber to the Source

You are most likely familiar with a CSA, a community-supported agriculture group, which provides members with fresh produce. But have you heard of a fiber CSA?

Flax How-To: 4 Quick Tips

Whether spinning flax for the first time, or the hundredth, these great tips will help smooth the way.

Wild Core Spinning: Tips from a Texture Lover

Tempted by art yarns but don’t know where to start? Ashley walks you through several core-spinning tutorials that focus on controlling texture, allowing you to create a range of yarns from smooth to wild.

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Deeper Shades: Modifying Dyed Fibers with Tannin and Iron

Modify the color of your dyed fibers by adding iron and tannin post-dye.

Spin Off Made Me a Spinner!

Frequent Spin Off contributor Devin Helmen ruminates on how it all started.

New to Bandweaving? 3 Helpful Hints Plus Bonus Video Tips

Katrina shares her top three tips for bandweaving she learned from expert weaver Angela K. Schneider, plus a video with four more tips!

A Colorful Spring: Spinning for Colorwork

Spinners are stretching the boundaries of colorwork this spring in Spin Off's annual spin-along.

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Skill Guide: Working with Silk Hankies

There's more than one way to spin a hankie! We've gathered some expert advice, tips, and projects to inspire your silk spinning.