A Spinner’s Survival Kit

Having the right tool for the job is essential, especially when you're on the road. Here are some spinning tools you won't want to leave home without!

How to Maintain Your Spinning Wheel: Oil and Lubrication

Ever wonder what’s that sound and where on Earth is it coming from? Learn what parts of a spinning wheel need lubrication for sound effect–free spinning.

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Woolly Basket

Every tool deserves a home. What better way to corral your fiber gadgets than in a handspun, handknitted basket? This project recipe from the Summer 2020 issue adapts easily to your own yarn and storage needs. Make a flock of them in different breeds!

Shipping a Spinning Wheel

“The package was damaged in transit. UPS will notify the sender with the details. All merchandise is being delivered.” Receiving this message strikes fear in the hearts of every handspinner. Here are tips for shipping your treasured wheel safely.

Self-Care Tips for Fiber Lovers

Indulging in a little self-care is critical these days. Stop doomscrolling. Put down your phone or tablet and pick up your spinning fiber, needles, or shuttle.

A $7 Spinning Wheel

When designing his spinning wheel, Scott Porter threw out anything he didn’t have to have.

BY: Liz Good

Merino Mania: A Nineteenth-Century Fiber Craze

Merino is one of the most familiar sheep breeds to spinners and nonspinners alike. Williams uncovers the quest for fine wool that rocketed this Spanish sheep’s rise in early American history.

For the Love of Stash! Tips for Managing Your Fiber Collection

Sabine loves her stash! And it provides her with endless inspiration. Here, she shares her tips for storing your fiber stash.

Tale of a Shirt A Spinner Mends

The tools used for mending are simple: sewing scissors, a darning needle, and a magnifying full-spectrum gooseneck lamp, essential for seeing the process. The shirt is priceless.

Finding Balance

Explore the logic and science of twist and learn how-to spin a balanced yarn.