Waste Not! No Fiber Left Behind

Spinners accumulate a lot of fiber—not stash, but bits of surplus fiber from processing. Here are Heavenly’s tool-free tips for turning your leftovers into textured yarn.

How Spinning from the Fold Unkinked My Wrists

When my old spinning habits gave me sore hands, I turned to a less-common technique and relaxed my grip.

The Weighty Matter of Turkish Spindles

An experienced spinner can make almost any spindle do the job, but for a new spinner, picking the wrong spindle can lead to discouragement. From top-whorl to Turkish, size matters.

Talking Handspinning Tools

Spinners know that having the right tool for the job is a must. Can you ever have too many wheels? No way! One handspinner shares their thoughts on their growing collection.

Winding Well: 5 Tips for Building Your Spindle's Cop

Andrea's helpful suggestions for winding-on a cop are based on her years of research and experience.

Worsted, Woolen, or Semi-something by Rudy Amann

The difference between worsted and woolen yarns comes from how the fibers are prepared for spinning, the drafting technique that is used, and how twist is allowed to enter the fibers.

Spindle Hook Alignment

Does your spindle seem out of balance? It might be your hook. Follow these simple steps for wobble-free spinning.

How to Deconstruct a Hand-Dyed Braid to Add Depth

Take control of your fiber’s colors. Deconstructing braids gives handspinners the option to make certain colors more dominant, change the order of the hues, make new shades, or even tone down certain colors.

Spinning Tips: Troubleshooting

No matter how long you've been a spinner, there comes a time when your wheel won't do what you want it to do. Here's a handy checklist of solutions for the most common spinning wheel problems.

Matching Commercial Yarn

Rudy Amann shares his tips for spinning a yarn to match the commercial yarn used in a project.