Her Handspun Habit: How to Ply Yarn from Spindles (Part I)

The number one question people ask when I’m using a handspindle: “how do you go about plying singles yarns from the spindles?”

Meet the Sheep: Border Cheviot

From Scotland’s rugged and weathered hillsides to today’s pocket-sized farmsteads, Border Cheviot sheep have much to offer shepherds and spinners alike.

5 Tips for Using Handspun Yarn on a Knitting Machine

Handspinner Claudine Celebuski creates stunning handspun, machine-knitted garments. She shares her tips and tricks for working with handspun yarn on a knitting machine.

What Do Yarn Numbers Mean? Weaving Yarns

Wonder what the numbers such as 5/3 or 2/20 mean in weaving yarn? Amy Tyler has the answers.

Nature’s Nylon: Natural Alternatives for Stronger Socks

Is it possible to make a durable fiber blend without nylon?

Dive into Texture: Spin Off Summer 2022

Join us as we take a look at the intentional use of texture in spinning.

Low-Whorl Love: Versatile and Productive Spindles

My preferred low-whorl spindle is the plainest possible—no hook or spiral at the tip to secure the yarn, no special or fancy wood, just a plain, workaday tool.

Long Thread Podcast: Lydia Christiansen, Abundant Earth Fiber

Season 4, Episode 10: A wool mill forms the link between sheep and fiber artists, transforming raw fiber into handcraft-ready yarn and roving. Working in small batches, processing fleece from small farms, a mill can still have a big impact.

Shepherd Dreams: What to Know About Starting a Handspinner’s Flock

Many handspinners dream of owning their own spinner’s flock. Jennifer and Rich share a little about the realities, including hard work and rewards.