Judith MacKenzie

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Wet-Finishes for Yarn: It All Comes Out in the Wash

Read the 2007 article that changed the way many spinners think about finishing their skeins.

How-To Paper Chase: Spinning Paper Yarns

How could I not have spun paper? It seems only natural to combine two of my grand passions to make beautiful and intriguing cloth.

Spinning Scrap: Make Handspun Yarn with Leftover Bits of Fiber

Dreaming up projects using handspun yarn is one of the joys of spinning. Judith MacKenzie shares her experience spinning fiber odds and ends for a beach sweater as wild as her beloved Northwest coastline.

How to Spin on a Turkish Spindle with Judith MacKenzie

Fantasize about taking a spinning vacation? Judith MacKenzie’s dream textile adventure would be an excursion to Istanbul in March.

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