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The Judith MacKenzie Collection eBook

Topic Fiber Prep, Plying/Yarn Design, Dyeing
Fiber Wool, Silk, Animal Fibers, Blends, Plant Fibers, Cotton, Linen/Flax
Author Judith MacKenzie
Format eBook

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Judith MacKenzie is a renowned spinner and a frequent contributor to Spin-Off magazine. Her articles are always informative, enlightening, and fun. She often mixes history, lore, and personal stories in her teachings, providing an entertaining platform to gain spinning tips, tricks, and techniques.

Judith MacKenzie’s spinning knowledge goes far beyond just wool. She has an extensive background in spinning fibers ranging from silk to a variety of plant fibers to other animal fibers beside sheep. From her many years of spinning yarn from different fibers and for different purposes, she has acquired a depth of knowledge on more than just the basics. Inside you'll find articles on:

  • Wool - Selecting a good fleece at fleece shows, understanding the properties of wool, washing and preparing the fiber, as well as spinning and finishing the yarn
  • Silk - Preparing, dyeing, and spinning silk singles
  • Wild fibers - Learn the best plant and animal fibers to collect in the wild, where to find these resources, and how to go about spinning the fiber
  • Plus more - Get the basics of plying yarn, learn about wet finishing yarns, understand cabled yarns, and try your hand at spinning beaded yarns

This eBook is a wealth of information on a variety of topics. It is a resource that will entice any spinner interested in the craft and is a great way to learn more about spinning a wide variety of fibers. The techniques in this eBook go into every aspect of the spinning process making it a great compact reference.

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