Emonieiesha Hopkins

A Perfect Finish: Thwacking and Snapping Handspun Yarn

Have you ever stopped to think about why you finish your handspun yarn by thwacking it against a surface or snapping it between your hands? Emonieiesha shares her tips for finishing a skein.

The Great Fleece Makeover

Not all shepherds raise a handspinner’s flock, but Emonieiesha doesn’t let that deter her from purchasing their fleeces. In the Winter 2020 issue, she shared how time and patience can usually turn what looks like a hopeless fleece into handspun goodness.

How to Finish Handspun Yarn: Steaming

Emonieiesha shares three methods for finishing handspun yarn in a flash with steam and explains why steaming is a good choice for textured yarns.

How to Deconstruct a Hand-Dyed Braid to Add Depth

Take control of your fiber’s colors. Deconstructing braids gives handspinners the option to make certain colors more dominant, change the order of the hues, make new shades, or even tone down certain colors.

Using Art Yarns for Weaving

Emonieiesha loves art yarns! She shares her tips for weaving with these striking, three-dimensional yarns.

To Rest, or Not To Rest, Your Singles Before Plying

One handspinner’s experiment to answer the question.

Cross-Lacing: Learn to Control Your Wheel’s Uptake

Cross-lacing can make your bobbin resemble a jewelry-heist scene in a movie, but trust me, it works! I promise, it’s as easy as lacing your sneakers.