Anne Merrow

What Is Saint Distaff’s Day? (And what does it have to do with rocks?)

Saint Distaff’s Day (also known as Distaff Day, Roc Day, or Rock Day) is the day when spinners go back to work after the holidays.

The Spinner’s Guide to Black Friday

There has never been a better time to be a fiber lover on Black Friday. Whatever you're doing on this unusual holiday, take some time to enjoy the pleasures of yarn this week.

Long Thread Podcast Episode 7: Charllotte Kwon, Maiwa

Charllotte Kwon's company, Maiwa, partners with Indian artisans to expand the reach of traditional textiles. Along the way, the company has developed in-person learning, shopping, web resources, a fair-trade partnership, and more.

How Spinning from the Fold Unkinked My Wrists

When my old spinning habits gave me sore hands, I turned to a less-common technique and relaxed my grip.

How Drumcarding Is Like Cooking

Fiber prep always looked to me like cooking: I like the results, and I’m glad someone else wants to do it, but I'd rather enjoy the results than get in the kitchen. So why did I clear my desk, clamp down a drumcarder, and look for bits of fiber to feed it?

How I Got My Spinning Groove Back

The #spinoffmittalong was the opportunity I needed to reconnect my hands with making yarn.

Social Distancing for the Modern Spinner

Suddenly spinning solo? Make the most of your online community.

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Marigold Mitts

Grab a hook and some handspun and make these delightful mitts. Plus, get great tips to fine-tune your crochet gauge.

“Will you bring back SOAR?”

When Long Thread Media became the new owners of Spin Off, this was the second most frequent question we received (after “Will I get my magazine?”).