Anne Merrow

Spinning Bridges Generation Gaps

Sometimes all it takes is looking at an old piece of equipment in a new way.

The Four Easiest Ways to Spin Gradient Yarn

A look at letting the fiber do the work in gradient yarn spinning.

Long Thread Podcast: Deborah Robson

Season 3, Episode 6: With a passion for rare-breed wool and its unsung qualities, Deborah Robson is a walking, spinning encyclopedia of delightful fiber knowledge.

Long Thread Podcast: Kenya Miles

Season 3, Episode 4: In fields tucked in the alleyways of Baltimore, Maryland, Kenya Miles and her colleagues at Hidden Harvest tend a sort of secret garden, growing fruits, vegetables... and natural dye plants.

Long Thread Podcast: Nilda CallaƱaupa Alvarez

Season 3, Episode 3: Andean weavers are using their traditional textile skills and some new assistance to meet the difficulties of today.

Long Thread Podcast: Susan Druding

Season 2, Episode 10: What do you get when you give a Free-Speech Movement activist a spinning wheel? A lifelong teacher, a Bay Area institution, and a spark for fiber arts exploration.

Long Thread Podcast: Heavenly Bresser

Season 2, Episode 8: What do you do when a new tool follows you home?

The Other Fiber Animal

In honor of #HairballAwarenessDay, we spare a thought for the greatest fiber producers in the house: our pets.

Long Thread Podcast: Deb Menz

Season 2, Episode 7: Taking the fear out of working with color

Long Thread Podcast: Linda Cortright

Season 2, Episode 5: Follow this former goat farmer on her quest for cashmere at the top of the world and seal wool at its bottom.