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Learning to Spin? Avoid These 5 Mistakes

There isn't one right or wrong way to spin, but If you’re teaching a beginning spinner, here are a few things you might want to avoid.

Beyond Hand Dyed Roving: 4 Tools You Need to Master Color

As a color-timid spinner, I have two problems: I need to learn how to plan color combinations that are neither nauseating nor cloying, and I don’t know what the finished product will look like.

The Happy Handspun Hap

They tell me that one quick way to set a Shetlander’s teeth on edge is to talk about hap shawls. It’s why I wince at a chai tea latte with milk: in India, where “chai” means tea, it’s always tea with milk.

Building a Better Spinning Wheel

Schacht adapted their spinning wheel to have the option of two treadles. In no time at all, the double-treadle model outsold the single-treadle by a mile.

Odd Handspinning Terms: Carding & Combing Edition

We’re back with another batch of odd handspinning terms—some you’ll know and some that may surprise you! Let's explore carding and combing wool.

Can You Spin Yarn With This?

After you learning to spin, cotton balls in medicine bottles, dust bunnies behind the couch, and even your husband’s beard may all look like potential yarn.

Holiday Gifts for My Spinning Tools

Growing up, my mother told me about the legend that the animals would talk at the stroke of midnight on Christmas. I never checked what our old horses might say; it was too cold to go to the barn at midnight.

Margaret Stove, New Zealand’s Lacemaker to Royalty

Margaret Stove has taught spinners around the world how to wash and spin ultrafine wool. But outside the spinning community, she may be best known as the designer of the shawls that were New Zealand’s gifts to Prince William and Prince George.

Spinning for Lace, Knitting for Love with Margaret Stove

Inspired by an article about the Shetland hap in the upcoming Spin Off Fall 2018, I’ve been thinking about spinning for lace, Shetland shawls, and Margaret Stove.

The Spinner’s Guide to Black Friday

The big-box store is not the place to be on Black Friday. Here are five things you should do instead of shop on Black Friday.