Anne Merrow

How to Spin Wool from an Icelandic Sheep

Icelandics (like Shetland sheep) are a very old breed that developed in harsh weather. Here are some simple steps for spinning wool from Icelandic Sheep!

Long Thread Podcast: Melvenea Hodges

Season 4, Episode 4: In the whirlwind of modern life, Melvenea Hodges says, celebrate your personal power by protecting your time to create.

Want to Spin Self-Striping Sock Yarn?

With some planning, yarn dyers—and spinners—can create beautiful sock yarns with distinct stripe patterns.

Which Side Is Your Spinning Wheel Flyer On?

Right-handed vs. left-handed. Should that influence whether your flyer should be on the right or left?

Three Spinners on Washing Wool

I hate washing wool. I loved my first spinning class, and I loved spinning handcarded rolags, but the part about washing fleece 2 times in soapy water and rinsing it 2 times wasn’t my favorite.

Fiber Festivals in the New Normal

Getting ready for your first wool festival or weaving conference in a while? Here's what might be different, the same . . . or maybe better.

Long Thread Podcast: Karen Selk

Season 4, Episode 1: Weaving her first skein of silk yarn was nothing like Karen Selk expected, but the fiber enchanted her enough to shape her craft, career, and the course of her life.

Who Are Your Fiber Friends?

When making my list of what I give thanks for, there's a special place for the people who share my fiber journey. Happy Friendsgiving!

Judith MacKenzie on Surprising Silk

What can you learn about cloth in the hands of experts? Linda Ligon shares a peek into her silk collection, and Judith offers her impressions of the tussah, bombyx, peduncle, and other silks she finds there.

Spinning Bridges Generation Gaps

Sometimes all it takes is looking at an old piece of equipment in a new way.