Anne Merrow

5 Reasons to Start Making Handmade Gifts in July

We’ve all heard of Christmas in July, but it really is the the perfect time to start planning and working on those handmade gifts.

Ancient Sheep for Modern Spinners

What are primitive breeds? And why are they good for the modern spinner?

How SOAR Changed My Life (and other good advice)

Is it understanding new-to-me fibers, or learning a new spindle trick, or sitting around telling stories with kindred spirits? Here are a half-dozen ways.

Spinning Training: Building Blocks & Novelty Yarns

Getting ready to participate in the Tour de Fleece? Well, you may need to do a little “spinning training” to get ready! Author Sarah Anderson teaches us the building blocks of spinning, and then shows us how to create a variety of fun novelty yarns.

Inside the Woolly World of Norman Kennedy

Watch even a few minutes of a Norman Kennedy video and you’ll be charmed and captivated by his singing and anecdotes.

Long Thread Podcast: Lisa Mitchell Lives a Fiber Life—with Guanacos

Season 7, Episode 1: First-time farmers Lisa and Greg began their new life with some of the world's rarest fiber animals. In managing guanacos, they have lived lessons about presence, caring for the herd, and the incomparable rewards of hand work.

Great Scot! The Return of the Scottish Spindle

I look for unusual spinning tools at every festival, and Scott Snyder had a table full at Convergence 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beside his impressive array of Turkish spindles stood a tool I’d never seen before: a Scottish spindle.

5 Tips for Managing a Fiber & Yarn Stash from a Professional Fiber Collector

When a coworker asked for a photo of my fiber and yarn stash for National Pack Rat Day, I was sorry to disappoint her.

Long Thread Podcast: Josefin Waltin, Swedish Spinning Revival

Season 6, Episode 9: Josefin turned to spinning to help preserve Swedish heritage sheep breeds and live a more sustainable life. She has found a kinship with crafters around the world and discovered her superpower in fiber.

What’s Your Spinning Super Power?

See if my spinning superpower wish list matches yours—and tell me which you have or want.