Anne Merrow

How to Make a Drop Spindle

Making a drop spindle is easier than you think and a good skill to have (even for spinners who own lots of spindles already).

Mahatma Gandhi’s Charkha in Michigan

In 1941, a letter and a charkha traveled between Henry Ford and Mahatma Gandhi in the midst of the chaos of Pearl Harbor.

Long Thread Podcast: Brooke Sinnes, Sincere Sheep

Season 5, Episode 3: What do algae blooms and homemade biodiesel have to do with running a yarn company? For an independent natural dyer, there may be no greater creative challenge than the local environment.

Long Thread Podcast: Nikyle Begay, Rainbow Fiber Co-op

Season 5, Episode 1: Navajo-Churro sheep have a centuries-old history and an even greater meaning to the Diné, but the commercial market set a low price for their wool. A group of shepherds have come together to find strength—and value—in solidarity.

What No One Told Me About Bobbin Winders

Great spinners advised me to use a bobbin to rewind my bobbins before plying. There were a few things they forgot to mention.

Long Thread Podcast: Lydia Christiansen, Abundant Earth Fiber

Season 4, Episode 10: A wool mill forms the link between sheep and fiber artists, transforming raw fiber into handcraft-ready yarn and roving. Working in small batches, processing fleece from small farms, a mill can still have a big impact.

Abundant Earth Fiber: Sustaining Small-Batch Wool

Between fiber artists craving an authentic grassroots connection and the small farms who produce heirloom-quality fiber, a small-batch mill provides the link that keeps local wool vital.

Long Thread Podcast: Stephenie Gaustad

Season 4, Episode 8: From her first treadle sewing machine to her houseful of beautiful, useful fiber equipment, Stephenie Gaustad has turned her dreams of textiles into the fabric of life.

Long Thread Podcast: Kate Larson

Season 4, Episode 7: Lamb snuggles, Dorset buttons, Indiana soil, plain sewing, and spinning cotton on a charkha—these are the joys of editor Kate Larson.

A Surprising Source for Renewable Fiber Tools

Want to make your spinning greener? See Linda Ligon’s tips for spindles, shuttles, and other tools that are good for the environment (and could, technically, make yarn).