Katrina King

Peek Behind the Curtain: A Little Photo Shoot Magic

Ever wonder how we get some of the amazing shots you see in the pages of Spin Off?

All Access Exclusive

Are you ready for the 2023 Spin Off spin-along?

Love lace like we do? We’re here to help you gear up for this year’s event by gathering a collection of lace projects for you to spin and knit!

The Spin Off Lace-Along!

The turning of the calendar ushers in an annual favorite

What is Back-Bar Crochet?

The back bar has always been there, just waiting to be worked. Learn a new way to create a familiar stitch!

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Plying: Learn the Orenburg Way

Galina Khmeleva has spent years sharing and teaching Orenburg lace. Here is a peek at the plying process for the fine yarns that go into her creations.

The International Scarf Exchange

With SOAR happening this week in Wisconsin, I wondered what other events are going on around the world that introduce people to fiber crafts.

Twist Direction: Right vs. Left

Katrina explores how twist direction can affect crochet based on handedness.

Twist Direction: S vs. Z Twist

Does twist in spinning really make a difference?

Five Things You May Have Missed from Spin Off this Year

A quick look back at some of our favorites from 2021.