Susan E. Horton

Making Your Weaving Unique With Handspun Yarns

I've know many spinners who are loath to sample and almost protective about weaving with their handspun yarns.

A Shiver of Sharks

Come out from behind the couch. I promise your 4-inch pin loom will protect you. It may be too small to hide behind during Discovery’s Shark Week 2018, but weave a couple of pin-loom squares, add a little crochet, and you’ll have a designer eye mask f

More Than 10 Reasons to Join a Weaving or Spinning Guild

I took my time before I decided to join a guild. Something about the word put me off. It sounded too "historical" and maybe, at the risk of being ageist, too "old lady" for me. Finally, I went to the Handweavers’ Guild of Connecticut, and for once in my

Siblings in Fiber: 11 Sisters and Brothers in My Fiber Family

Today is Sisters Day which made me start thinking about who I consider my fiber family.

What’s Your Superpower?

My superpower is changing lengths of yarn into lengths of fabric.

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