What’s Your Superpower?

My superpower is changing lengths of yarn into lengths of fabric.

Susan E. Horton May 2, 2017 - 3 min read

What’s Your Superpower? Primary Image

What's Your Superpower? Weaving and spinning artwork by Ann Swanson

My superpower is changing lengths of yarn into lengths of fabric. Presto!

Here are some of the other superpowers I wish I had while I do that:

  1. The power to drop my threading hook in such a way that I can find it among the treadles of my loom without having to ask someone to help me lift up the loom
  2. The power to treadle a portion of my draft incorrectly, cut it out, and then not retreadle it exactly the same way again
  3. The power to tell just by looking at a cone of yarn that I have enough for a project—So far my lack of this superpower has created 2 other sub-superpowers: (1) the power to order more yarn in a panic and (2) the power to redesign projects on the fly
  4. The power to remember without notes exactly where I was in my treadling or threading two weeks ago
  5. The power to find a draft again that I saw in a book three years ago but didn’t tag
  6. The power to see a flaw in my threading before I am throwing the 300th pick
  7. The power to not wind full bobbins with weft that won’t work with my warp
  8. The power to remember while weaving a point twill or rose path whether I am going up the treadling point or down
  9. The power to forget that I left some ice cream in the bottom of the carton when I am getting bored with my project’s treadling
  10. The power to count my heddles before I start threading and not when I realize there are enough, but they aren’t on the correct harnesses.

Finally, the superpower I absolutely wish I had after I finish a project: the power not to show anyone else its flaws. If you could have weaving superpowers of your own, what would they be? Let me know in the comments. We can tackle long warps, complicated threadings, and seemingly endless treadlings together.

Weave well,