What Is a Diz?

Learn about this particular little tool that can help create the perfect sliver.

Spin Off Editorial Staff Sep 19, 2022 - 2 min read

What Is a Diz? Primary Image

A collection of dizzes with varying sizes to create different sized rovings. Photo by Kim McKenna

Have you ever wondered, “What is that odd little disk with a hole in it, nestled among all of the spinning equipment?” It is not some peculiar solitary button; it’s a diz.

It's a diz!

Dizzes come in many shapes and sizes: flat, concave, round, or oblong; made of shell, bone, wood, brass, or plastic; and with one hole or several of different sizes. Often they are included as part of a spinner’s multi-tool paired with a wraps per inch (wpi) tool. Choose a diz with the size hole that is closest to (but not smaller than) the diameter of your desired yarn, smaller holes for fine laceweight and larger holes for a heavier yarn. Remember, your yarn can be no thicker than the fiber source. Want to learn more about how to incorporate a diz into your spinning practice? Check out these favorite articles.

“Diz Tips: The Finer Points of Wool Combing” by Kim McKenna Photo by Matt Graves

“Drumcarder & Diz” by Emily Wohlscheid Photo by Emily Wohlscheid

“Tips for Blending Color on a Hackle” by Suzy Brown Photo by Suzy Brown

“Diz and Blending Board! A Smooth Prep Tutorial” by Kim McKenna Photo by Kim McKenna

A simple little tool that can help with many different blending techniques! How have you used a diz in your spinning practice? Do you have any created out of unusual materials or that have been passed down through the generations? Tell us about them for our letters column here.