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Gallery of Handspun Mends

Visible mending’s popularity has been on the rise. We asked our readers to show us their mends, and we love the creativity displayed here by mixing handspun yarn and other types of threads with an assortment of wearable and useful objects.

Spin Off’s Top 10 Posts of the Year for 2022

Of all the posts we added to the Spin Off website last year, these were your favorites.

A Little Gift: Delightful Mittens to Knit

Snuggle in with your fiber and a collection of cozy patterns.

All Access Exclusive

Spinning and Knitting in the Andean Highlands

Meet Nilda Callañaupa Alvarez, who has become known in Peru and throughout the world as a champion for traditional Andean textiles. We’ve gathered a collection of how-to videos and articles for you to explore!

Show Us Your Mends!

Calling all makers! We’re on the hunt for photos of your visible mending projects using handspun. So show us what you’ve got!

Subscriber Exclusive

Dye Recipes from Your Kitchen Cabinets

Nervous about natural dyes? Start with these resources, including a PDF full of dyeing instructions and tips.

What is a bouclé yarn?

Sarah Anderson offers tips for spinning this textured yarn.

4 Reasons to Love Our (Free) Black Friday Features

What’s better than easy-to-come-by deals? Oh, yeah—free ones.

SOAR Project Gallery: Handspun and the Spinner’s Handshake

This is what happens when you put 80+ spinners together in a room and have them share their handmade projects.

SOAR 2022—Returning Instructors, Then and Now

What fun we’ve had looking through the SOAR archives. See what we’ve uncovered, and learn a few fun facts about our returning instructors!