Amy Tyler

What do Yarn Numbers Mean? Measuring Knitting Yarn

Whether you’re measuring handspun or millspun, learn about some of the most common classifications for measuring knitting yarn.

Plying for Balance

A balanced skein is one that hangs without showing any twist in the skein and without any kinks in the yarn making up the skein.

Handspun Mittens from the Mitten State

I live in the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Winters are long here. Handspun mittens, therefore, are essential winter wear.

What Do Yarn Numbers Mean? Weaving Yarns

Wonder what the numbers such as 5/3 or 2/20 mean in weaving yarn? Amy Tyler has the answers.

Lazy Kates: Beginner Basics

Learn how the orientation of your lazy kates can affect the outcome of plying your handspun yarn.

Tulle & Tools for Blending Boards

Blending accessories include anything that helps you get the fiber onto the blending board and back off again.

Stretch! A Sewn Bind-Off for Silk

When Amy Tyler’s Wild Water Scarf arrived at the Interweave office, we were excited to see that she had used a sewn bind-off. Amy made her beautiful scarf with silk—a fiber known for its lack of elasticity. We asked her to tell us more.

7 Tips for Knitting with Energized Yarn

All of the pent-up energy can make working with the singles a challenge. Below are Amy’s tips for knitting with energized yarn.

What Do Yarn Numbers Mean? Measuring Fiber

Amy Tyler fills us in on what the Bradford system, micron system, and blood system mean and what these systems tell you about measuring fiber.

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