Christina Garton

Auspicious Weaving

While you're weaving today, think of the Chinese New Year. Yesterday was the Chinese New Year’s Eve, which makes today the first day of the Year of the Pig.

The Vegetable Lamb of Tartary

When I first began work on the January/February 2019 issue of Handwoven on yarn blends, I couldn’t help but think about the vegetable lamb of Tartary.

Lice and the History of Textiles

Maybe it’s because I’m the parent of a preschooler, but I think about lice a lot. Usually, of course, it’s less academic and more “Oh, no, there’s another outbreak at school. Child, get over here and let me check your head.”

Botanical Weaving and Woven Wildflowers

In the past few months, my focus has been very much botanical weaving. I am absolutely blown away by the floral weaving of Carol Irving.

Changes at the Textile Museum

A couple years ago, I was lucky enough to visit the George Washington University Museum and Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. The exhibit I saw was absolutely splendid, and I was very impressed by all the textiles and textile-adjacent items on display.

Backstrap Weaving on Display

Weavers around the world use backstrap weaving to create incredibly complex and beautiful cloth using fairly simple looms. You can find backstrap weavers throughout Asia as well as in Central and South America, including among the Maya of Guatemala. For c

The Perfectly Imperfect Embroidery of Banjara

It’s been a while, but BeWeave It headquarters is back up and running again, and we couldn’t be more pleased. To kick off our new season of fun fiber facts and current events, we’re going to India to learn a bit about the spectacular embroidery of t

Beatrix Potter and Her Sheep

Thanks to her delightful books, Beatrix Potter will probably always be associated with various animals, especially rabbits. In her real life, Potter was known for her sheep.