Josefin Waltin

Teaching at Sätergläntan: A Spindle a Day

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many fiber classes were canceled in 2020, but not Josefin's spindle-spinning class at Sätergläntan in Sweden.

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Heartwarming Mitts: The Pattern

Twined knitting, a Swedish technique that requires two working yarns that are twisted together after each stitch, makes a sturdy fabric with very little elasticity.

Notes on Spinning for the Heartwarming Mitts

Twined knitting makes a sturdy fabric that will last forever, especially if you use a fiber that has an outercoat for strength and undercoat for softness and warmth.

Twist Analysis Twined Knitting

Twist direction can be used to highlight or strengthen a special technique. As spinners, we can create a wide spectrum of qualities just by making changes in twist.

What’s It Like to Make YouTube Videos about Handspinning with a Film Crew of One?

Josefin Waltin wears many hats producing YouTube videos about handspinning. In this excerpt from her article “Old Techniques & New Technology: A Beautiful Marriage,” featured in the Spring 2018 Spin Off, Josefin gives us the scoop on what it’s like

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