Maggie Casey

Spinning Basics: How to Spin Top

Teacher Maggie Casey guides you step-by-step through a few basic ways to spin top.

A Tale of Three Bamboos

Not all bamboo fibers available to handspinners are processed in the same way. Maggie Casey explores how regenerated bamboo, bast bamboo, and carbonized bamboo spin and knit up.

Spinning from the Fold: How to Spin Semiwoolen Yarn from Top

Want to spin a semiwoolen yarn from locks or top? Try using the long-draw drafting method paired with spinning from the fold. In the Fall 2017 issue of Spin Off, Maggie Casey shares her method.

Maggie Casey's Trick for Easier Spinning: Predrafting

A fiber-spinning technique that is not as popular lately is predrafting. Read on for the controversial game-changer that helped Maggie become a spinner.