Mary Egbert

Get a Grip! 5 Hand Exercises for Spinners

Spinning yarn shouldn’t be painful, and being sidelined by a handspinning injury takes precious time away from our favorite craft. Physical therapist and spinner Mary Egbert suggests a few hand exercises to help keep our time at the wheel ache-free.

At Your Ease: Spinning Chairs, Posture, and Finding the Right Fit

Most spinners don’t give their chairs a second thought, but if you have developed new pains while spinning or your old aches and pains are getting worse, don’t blame your wheel first; it could be your chair or posture.

Safety First! 4 Tips for Preparing Fiber for Spinning Without Hurting Yourself

When we’re caught up in color blending with our combs and handcarders, we rarely stop to think how sharp our spinning tools really are—until we get poked. Ouch! In this excerpt from the Fall 2018 issue of Spin Off, contributor Mary Egbert shares these