A Sheepish Spinning Wheel

A special handpainted spinning wheel

Spin Off Editorial Staff Nov 11, 2015 - 1 min read

A Sheepish Spinning Wheel Primary Image

"EWEnique" is a double treadle spinning wheel built in 2009. She is made mostly of maple and birch plywood and covered in part with tanned, sheared fleece. Her tail wags happily when she is spinning fiber.

The fiber goes into one ear and comes out as yarn on a bobbin. The flyer ratio is fixed at 7:1.

A small window in her rump permits the curious to view her internal system of pulleys, levers, cams, flywheels and bearings.

She is owned by Franny Junge (Anchorage, Alaska) and was designed and constructed by David Junge.

Franny's daughter, Amy Olmstead, did the painting.