Five Felting Projects to “Fall” in Love With

The same properties that turn wool into yarn make felting possible. Explore needlefelting with five sweet projects to make this fall.

Spin Off Editorial Staff Oct 23, 2023 - 3 min read

Five Felting Projects to “Fall” in Love With Primary Image

Fall is the perfect time to try a new craft, like these easy needlefelted hedgehogs or cute squirrels—sewn by hand or machine—with a needlefelted tail. Photos by Joe Coca

Listen in on the chatter around the office and you’ll learn that fall tends to be a favorite time of the year by far. The cool, crisp air, the crunch of fallen leaves beneath a good pair of boots, and, of course, the prospect of eating pumpkin-flavored everything.

And there’s something about fall that awakens our crafty spirits. Perhaps it’s the approaching trinity of holidays—Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas—or maybe it’s the cooling temperatures that beg us to stay inside and peruse Pinterest all weekend. Whatever the case may be, fall inspires us to get creative and try new projects that we haven’t yet explored.

To satiate our creative cravings, we’ve discovered a few felting projects to explore this fall. Felting has always evoked an autumn feel—think felted turkeys and pumpkins (and even these felted slippers or pretty felted hat) that tend to make an appearance when the leaves start to turn. So it’s only natural that we’re drawn to felted critters, like these felted squirrels and hedgehogs. Nestle them on the mantle among a few pinecones and colorful leaves for an efforless decoration. Both patterns are included in the special issue, Felted, along with instructions for an acorn-and-leaf garland!

Not so prickly! This hedgehog is cuddly enough to hold in your hand. Photos by Joe Coca

These sweet baby owls are another fun nod to fall, and seem easy enough to make with the how-to video by Jennifer and Melissa VanSant. Though cute in and of themselves, you could include them in a spooky display by pairing them with the right decor for Halloween. Heck, Harry Potter fans could even leave them displayed year round!

Needlefelting is a hoot when you’ve got these two for company. Photos courtesy of Long Thread Media

And these two projects seem too fun to pass up. These festive gnomes would be appropriate for fall or winter decor (whip up a few as ornaments for the tree!). And where there are gnomes, you’ll of course need a felted mushroom house! By season’s end, you’ll have a whole slew of felted decorations to adorn your home.

A gnome in his home. These tiny fellows stand about 2" tall and make for great ornaments! Photos courtesy of Long Thread Media

Needlefelting is the easiest way to make these little wool sculptures that are irresistible. With only a few supplies—a felting needle, foam block, and wool—you can craft a sweet creature in no time.

Happy Felting!

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Originally published November 9, 2015; updated October 27, 2023.