A Little Gift: The Helix Scarf to Knit

Enjoy this free garter-stitch pattern with short-row ruffles—a quick knit using handspun yarn!

Spin Off Editorial Staff Jan 1, 2024 - 4 min read

A Little Gift: The Helix Scarf to Knit Primary Image

Helix Scarf by Stephenie Gaustad. Photos by Joe Coca unless otherwise noted

As we start a new year together, we’d like to share a note of gratitude with you, our readers. You are the reason we do what we do—comb the world for spinning content that educates and inspires. And in turn, we are continually inspired by you as well.

As a thank you to our wonderful spinning community, we’d like to share one of Spin Off’s most popular patterns, the Helix Scarf by Stephenie Gaustad, and have made it free to everyone through January 19, 2024.

Spin Off contributor Stephenie Gaustad was inspired by the rippling skirts of a sea slug when she designed this dreamy scarf—a garter-stitch pattern with short-row ruffles on each side of a central strip.

You can find the Helix Scarf pattern in the Spin Off Library. All you need to do is create a free account if you haven’t done so already. (If you’re a magazine or All Access subscriber to Spin Off, you’ll have access to even more goodies!)

We’re delighted by our readers’ interpretation of the Helix Scarf pattern, and we hope this reader gallery will inspire you to create one of your own!

Carrie Chapman: Mermaid Inspired

Courtesy of Carrie Chapman

“This scarf was knitted from rolags that I created on my Ashford blending board, spun into a thick-and-thin single, and plied with a coordinating thread. I wanted a yarn and a scarf that reminded me of mermaids and the sea. This seaweed-shaped scarf was just the thing!”

Katja Obring: Frilly Gradient

Courtesy of Katja Obring

“I was looking for a small frilly thing for the neck and was delighted with this little number. The yarn is handspun, a slightly felted singles from a BFL gradient dyed by Hilltop Cloud, and I just kept knitting until I had run out. Such a wonderful pattern, and a great project for a precious single skein of something nice.”

Kat Whittaker: Art Yarn

Courtesy of Kat Whittaker

“I first saw this scarf pattern in a Spin Off issue way back when. It’s a super-simple pattern and a terrific pattern to use for art yarns. I used a bigger needle than the pattern calls for because some parts of this yarn are thicker than others, and I didn’t want the ruffles to be too tight. I have absolutely loved this pattern for handspun yarn, and for me, it was a very gratifying project.”

Alyse Wittenberg: Pretty Picots

Courtesy of Alyse Wittenberg

“I remember looking through all the Helix pattern variations and thought that the picot edging would add a satisfying texture to the scarf and further enhance the look of the handspun nature of the yarn. I enjoyed the entire process of making this scarf, from spinning to knitting, and found it exciting to watch it grow as I knit.”

The Helix Scarf pattern is only free for a limited time, so get your copy today. Visit the Spin Off library to get your free Helix Scarf pattern download. We hope you find time to spin and be creative this year, and may this pattern inspire you to do just that.