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Bandweaving Using Rigid Heddles and Inkle Looms eBook

Topic Tools & Equipment, Plying/Yarn Design, Handspun Projects
Fiber Blends, Wool, Animal Fibers, Cotton, Plant Fibers, Silk
Project Category Weaving
Project Type Accessories
Author Spin Off Editorial Staff, Handwoven Editors
Format eBook

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As a nod to bandweaving, we’ve collected seven of our favorite bandweaving articles and projects together into this eBook collection.

One of the most important things to know about the plain-weave and pick-up patterns in this collection is that they can be woven on a variety of looms. A pattern written for inkle looms can be easily converted to backstrap-style rigid heddles, rigid-heddle looms, and even floor looms.

Threading drafts will indicate heddled and unheddled threads. On an inkle, a heddled thread is held in place with a loop of string, and an unheddled thread is free to move. On a rigid heddle, the heddled threads pass through the holes, while unheddled threads pass through the slots. That’s it! You can weave with the loom you have or branch out to something new. Most of all, have fun!

This collection includes:

  • “Spinning for Warp-Faced Bands: Plain Weave & Pick-Up” by Kate Larson
  • “Spinner’s Tool Totes” by Kate Larson
  • “Pick Up a Band of Chevrons” by Heather Torgenrud
  • “Patterned Bands from the Sámi Weaving Tradition (Sunna Rigid-Heddle Version)” by Susan J. Foulkes
  • “Patterned Bands from the Sámi Weaving Tradition (Inkle Version)” by Susan J. Foulkes
  • “Testing Tussah: Two Ways to Spin and Weave a Band” by Devin Helmen
  • “Northwoods Handspun Tussah Shoelaces” by Devin Helmen

All items in the library are intended for personal use. Please do not distribute without written approval.