Rainbow Fish Infinity Scarf Pattern

Topic Handspun Projects
Fiber Blends
Project Category Knitting
Project Type Scarves/Shawls
Author Stefanie Johnson
Format Project/Pattern

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For this project, Stefanie used her drumcarder to blend recycled sari silk and Merino with angora collected from her rabbits. The result was soft, iridescent handspun yarn with flecks of all the colors of the rainbow, highlighted in an infinity scarf designed to be wrapped twice around the neck.

When woven loosely through the knitting, the colorful yarn curves slightly, resembling fish scales. It's paired with a natural-colored smooth wool for contrast and to let the handspun yarn shine. Both sides of the scarf are equally beautiful, so it can be worn showing either or both sides of the work. This pattern would also work well featuring art yarn or thick-and-thin yarn that can be hard to match with a knitting pattern.

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