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Luxury Laces

In the Winter 2020 issue of Spin Off, John Mullarkey shared the his handspun, handwoven laces with our readers. Luxurious, indeed!

John Mullarkey Sep 16, 2020 - 6 min read

Luxury Laces Primary Image

Photos by Matt Graves

I’m often asked, “Why are you weaving shoelaces?” and my answer is always, “Because I can.” But when asked, “Why are you weaving handspun silk shoelaces?” the answer is more involved. Sometimes you have a friend who is worthy of handspun silk shoelaces and who has boots so wonderful they scream for luxury laces. Also, I’ve never made handspun silk shoelaces, so why not give it a try?

Silk is wonderful for tablet weaving because of its strength, and handspun yarns created with hand-dyed silk fiber provide a richness and depth of color you can’t get from dyed yarns. So, yes, it seems like a lot of time to spend on shoelaces, but these shoelaces will last longer than the shoes—I guarantee. As an added bonus, they will greet you with beauty each time you look at your feet!

Project Notes

Shoelaces are a great beginning tablet-weaving project or a fun, quick project for tablet weavers with more experience. This project assumes you already know how to tablet weave, and if you don’t, check out my video Tablet Weaving Made Easy to get started (see Resources).

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