No More Excuses: Cast On a Pair of Handspun Socks

I’ve made dozens of pairs of handknitted socks, and I live by the motto, “Always have a pair on the needles.” But I have a confession: I’ve never knit a pair of handspun socks.

Elizabeth Prose Feb 27, 2018 - 2 min read

No More Excuses: Cast On a Pair of Handspun Socks Primary Image

Two different ways to spin and knit socks by Ann Budd. Photo by Joe Coca.

How hard could it be to spin an adult-size pair of handspun socks? I’ve given handspun socks a lot of thought, but when it comes to casting on, I begin overthinking the whole project. Knitting with my precious handspun yarn has me skimming magazines, sock-knitting books, and Ravelry for a plan to use every inch of yarn.

The time has come to get over my handspun-sock hang-up and cast on.

handspun socks

Debbie Held’s favorite fiber for her handspun, handknitted socks is Targhee. Photo by Debbie Held.

Debbie Held planted the seed for spinning and knitting socks when she wrote about how she favors Targhee fiber for handspun, handknitted socks. Plus, in the Winter 2018 issue of Spin Off, Devin Helmen shared his adaptation of his great aunt’s method for knitting socks. He prefers to spin a tightly plied two-ply yarn on a low-whorl spindle.

handspun socks

Devin plied the yarn for his handspun socks with a 45-degree twist angle for better wear. Photos by George Boe.