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Seawall Scarf

This woolly winter warmer from the Fall 2011 issue features the styling of a classic seaman's scarf, including reversible cables along the edges with a moss-stitch seawall in the center of the front panels.

Elizabeth Prose Dec 7, 2020 - 6 min read

Seawall Scarf Primary Image

Elizabeth spun her scarf from a ­Shetland fleece. The design features reversible cables along the edges. Photos by Joe Coca

Since this pattern was published in the Fall 2011 issue, I have made this scarf as a gift for several special people in my life. The design was inspired by traditional seamen’s scarves, and this scarf incorporates a seawall of moss stitch bordered by reversible cable waves knitted in an airy woolen-spun Shetland wool.

It's a quick, take-along project with an easy to memorize pattern. Plus, each section requires about one-third of your yarn. So if you don't want to count rows, just weigh your skein!


Elizabeth’s bulky yarn measured 9 wraps per inch and 877 yards per pound.

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