Self-Care Tips for Fiber Lovers

Indulging in a little self-care is critical these days. Stop doomscrolling. Put down your phone or tablet and pick up your spinning fiber, needles, or shuttle.

Elizabeth Prose Oct 12, 2020 - 3 min read

Self-Care Tips for Fiber Lovers   Primary Image

Try a new-to-you breed, such as one of the so-called red sheep breeds. A fine Fox fleece: spun samples and swatches by A. Sabine Schröder-Gravendyck. Learn more about red sheep in Spin Off Summer 2020. Photos by Matt Graves

Several months of pandemic living have left many of us feeling drained. We know we are not alone, but sometimes it sure can feel that way when working and schooling from home. Whether you live alone and feel isolated or find yourself surrounded at all hours by family and loved ones, these have been challenging times for us all.

Now, more than ever, self-care is critical. Many of us seek comfort in our favorite crafts. Spending even a few minutes each day with fiber in hand refuels a frayed psyche. And if you haven’t touched your wheel or spindle in months, know that you are in good company, and there’s no better time to pick up where you left off.


Do you have a special braid stashed away? Now's the time to pull it out and spin. HipStrings Hand-Dyed Upland Cotton Carded Sliver in Sedona. Yarn spun by Melvenea Hodges. Learn more about spinning cotton in the Spring 2020 issue of Spin Off.

Turn off distractions and carve out a little time to be alone with your craft. Here are several ways to spend your precious creative time and recharge:

  • Give yourself permission to succumb to startitis. Spin that special braid that you’ve saved. Cast-on with your most luxurious fiber. Or reclaim a stalled knitting project by ripping it out and making the handspun yarn into something new.
  • Redecorate with your craft materials. Set out a bowl of beautiful braids, but safely out of reach of pets and children, to spark inspiration. Stow hand-dyed fiber in vintage glass jars and arrange them on a shelf for a pop of color.
  • Attend a virtual fiber event. Many spring festivals were canceled earlier this year, but several fall events have transitioned and are happening online, which offers far-away attendees a great chance to take part. Don’t judge yourself too harshly for those impulse purchases from the vendor’s market. Know your purchase supports a business in our small fiber community.
  • Learn a new-to-you technique. Brainstorm and make a list all of the fibery things you want to do, and then select one to start with. Finally make a spinning journal, complete with samples, swatches, and snapshots. Improve your prep game by blending fibers from your stash. Begin a breed study.
  • Get lost in a good book or podcast. Audiobooks allow you to craft and get lost in another world. Or tune into one of the many fiber-related conversations online. We admit to having fiber stashes, but many of us also own a fair number of fiber books. Dust off a forgotten classic or one you haven’t yet cracked open.