Spin Off 2020 Mitt-Along: Show Us Your Finished Mitts!

Close to 300 handspinners participated in this year’s Spin Off mitt-along. Here’s Debbie Held with the highlights.

Deborah Held Mar 27, 2020 - 3 min read

Spin Off 2020 Mitt-Along: Show Us Your Finished Mitts! Primary Image

A pair of handspun, crocheted mitts by Candra K. Gill (@ckgill on Ravelry). Photo courtesy of Candra K. Gill

More than ever, our online communities can be a source of comfort, support, and oh-so-beautiful distraction. This year’s Spin Off mitt-along provided all of that and more for many. Almost 300 spinners from around the world attempted to complete at least one pair of handspun handcoverings.

Here are a few of the highlights:

First Timers
The 2020 theme of making any style of handcovering felt especially doable to newer spinners. Participants included first-time “alongers” as well as new and returning handspinners. Several challenged themselves to work on their very first intentional spinning project. Others challenged themselves by trying a new technique, such as nålbinding, crochet, twined knitting, knitting mitts two-at-a-time, or making thrummed mittens.

Spindle Success
Some of the earliest completed yarns and mitts came from the spindlers in the group, proving that, in the right hands, a spindle can be just as effective a means of turning out yarn as sitting behind a wheel. In fact, I can think of at least one such participant who spun two different yarns and even knit two pairs of handcoverings, all using a single, suspended spindle.


After the fourth frogging, Debbie had to admit that her choice of yarn and her ideas for mitts just didn’t work together. She spun up some colorful Merino instead and opted for a colorful pair of plain stockinette mitts. Photo by Deborah Held

Still Making
In the interest of full disclosure, and also to demonstrate the fact that the path to project completion doesn’t always follow a straight line, some of us frogged . . . and frogged again. And then we frogged some more. While the official mitt-along has ended, our friendly group will continue to cheer on those with works in progress. Please feel free to jump in and chat or even start your own handspun handcoverings.


Be sure to check out the Spin Off mitt-along projects on Instagram, too. #spinoffmittalong